Marijuana To Legalize or Not to Legalize Essay (Critical Writing)

Marijuana: To Legalize or Not to Legalize? Essay (Critical Writing)

Over the past centuries, the world community has divided medication into the ones which might be legally acceptable and the ones highly hazardous for society. However, in phrases of such medication as marijuana, individuals can’t still give a definite answer on their impression on society. Since its look thousands of years in the past, marijuana has come a great distance from a therapeutic herb to a bootleg drug, nonetheless broadly used by the world group. Marijuana, which can be known beneath dozens of nicknames such as weed or pot, is now the most widespread illegal drug across the US (Levinthal, 2014). People tend to use it for a simple recreational purpose or to find a way to relieve muscular pain on an virtually daily foundation. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of marijuana abusers declare pot to be safer than alcohol or tobacco. People who abuse alcohol are at a better threat of death than those who eat marijuana each day. The patterns of marijuana abuse at the moment are extraordinarily popular in pop culture, especially in phrases of American TV exhibits, so people see TV characters utilizing marijuana almost as often as they observe cigarette smoking.

The reputation of cannabis throughout the nation is not any more unimaginable to ignore on the governmental stage. It is now particularly crucial as a outcome of authorized drugs inflicting severe harm to US residents whereas being thought to be “protected.” Thus, legislators should resolve whether the abuse patterns should be embraced as an inevitable part of American social life, or there must be extra extreme laws by means of marijuana consumption and spreading. Moreover, would society profit extra from making marijuana legal instead of alcohol or cigarettes? Why or why not?


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