Marijuana Legalization and Consumption Among Youth Essay (Critical Writing)

Marijuana Legalization and Consumption Among Youth Essay (Critical Writing)

Over the last decades, both licit and illicit medication have turn out to be an integral a part of the method to life for the overwhelming majority of Americans. The hottest excuse among drug consumers is the instrumental use of the drug. However, quite frequently, such a consumption serves as a person’s unwillingness to just accept the problem of drug dependence. The most widespread drug across the US when it comes to prices and availability is marijuana, which is mostly used for leisure purposes and is meant to help folks drift away from actuality (Levinthal, 2014). The main concern behind marijuana consumption is the reality that despite all of the negative implications it may need, folks nonetheless think about it to be harmless and encourage its spreading among US residents. Moreover, according to the statistics, 56% of the US inhabitants agreed that total marijuana legalization would benefit the country’s economic system and create more workplaces (“Marijuana statistics 2020, usage, trends and information,” 2020). Indisputably, such a tolerant attitude in course of the drug consequently encourages the younger technology to strive marijuana.

Although adults within the US represent the majority of marijuana customers, the variety of teenagers affected by the drug is steadily growing every year. According to the latest information, 51% of kids aged 18 to 25 eat marijuana on an everyday basis (“Marijuana,” 2020). Considering the statistics, it’s obvious that marijuana has become one of the main tendencies among college students. As long because the drug influence is undermined, the variety of school students keen to expertise the marijuana effects shall be growing. The solely way to hold young folks safe in such a scenario can be to overtly talk about the problem with them and warn them about the potential drawbacks, leaving them the proper to decide on.


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