Mammography vs. Ultrasound for Breast Tissue Analysis Essay

Mammography vs. Ultrasound for Breast Tissue Analysis Essay

Mammography screening is considered one of the most acknowledged choices for analyzing breast tissue in grownup women. Recommendations notice that clinicians want to explain all the benefits and disadvantages of this course of because of mammogram’s potential in increasing cancer risk (Løberg, Lousdal, Bretthauer, & Kalager, 2015). Nonetheless, mammogram additionally has totally different limitations in cancer screening, they usually can significantly cut back the effectiveness of this check. For occasion, some breast tissue may be considered suspicious on the mammogram but not be breast most cancers (Welch, Prorok, O’Malley, & Kramer, 2016). As a outcome, a affected person can endure pointless remedy that causes unwanted effects and lowers one’s high quality of life. Women with dense breast tissue are in a group with the next fee of false mammography results (Hugo et al., 2018). They ought to be supplied to endure other tests to determine whether they are or susceptible to having breast most cancers.

One of the choices for patients with dense tissue is ultrasound. This procedure doesn’t use radiation but high-frequency sound waves, which don’t have the same opposed results on patients’ well being (Hugo et al., 2018). In contrast, the accuracy of this procedure allows it to be an alternate for girls who cannot undergo mammography as a outcome of increased potential of false mammogram results (Hugo et al., 2018). Moreover, if the residence space of a affected person does not have mammography equipment available, ultrasound can be utilized as a substitute. Another option for women with dense breast tissue is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Similar to ultrasound, MRI does not rely on radiation, but its accuracy stays underneath query for this explicit screening (Hugo et al., 2018). Overall, the decision of the superior apply nurse regarding choosing an acceptable method should be primarily based on a woman’s personal alternative, affected person history, monetary considerations, and tools availability.


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