Malleable Word Definition and Examples Essay

Malleable: Word Definition and Examples Essay

Apart from the scientific definitions of the word malleable that describes the time period as metals which are “capable of being prolonged or shaped by beating with a hammer or by the pressure of rollers,” (1) the wide range of meanings of the time period is superb. If only the metallic high quality is taken, the that means of the word is restricted. But Merriam Webster online dictionary gives two different meanings also.

Malleable additionally means one thing “capable of being altered or controlled by exterior forces or influences.” (1). This definition makes the term slightly unfavorable. If we take this which means in the case of a human being, this quality seems a character defect or shortcoming. A malleable person is a weak one who alters his decisions and aims when he faces difficulties or challenges. It directs us to related phrases like bendy and flexible. The man with such a excessive quality will be the object of contempt of his associates and fellow beings because of his malleability, and typically he could additionally be known as by others as black-legged. Some sentences using this term are given beneath:

  1. Shirley’s malleability is clear from the method she alters opinions.
  2. Freddie is so malleable. He comes to a decision according to his wife’s needs.

The very adverse meaning turns constructive when it comes to the third definition of the time period as “having a capacity for adaptive change.” (1). This definition is extra accepted and extensively used. When it involves the personality of a human being, ironically, the time period epitomizes one to a near-to-perfect-personality as a end result of adaptability is being thought-about by all the management specialists and human useful resource growth scientists as one of the worth points of ideal persona.

Then one having the capacity for adaptive change might be a hit in his life, both private and professional. He won’t be affected by sudden changes and fluctuations that will happen in his life. He will be an enthusiastic, progressive, unconventional, and energetic person. He shall be well liked by everybody by his adaptive nature. He can make lots of associates, which he can preserve for a really lengthy time as a result of peculiarity of his personality. Some examples of the word malleable are given under:

  1. John is very malleable in order that he finds it very simple to regulate to the frequent transfers he has.
  2. My husband Denny went to Africa for one 12 months of social work. He says that it is extremely easy to regulate to the situations there. I know that he would say like this solely as a result of he’s very malleable in nature.

In my life, malleability, in its positive sense, has been an element of success. During my childhood, I keep in thoughts that I was not so malleable as a outcome of I found it very troublesome to regulate to the brand new faculty in these days. But issues had modified after I grew up. Adolescence has given me this high quality like a blessed reward. During that mature stage, with my malleable nature, I might mingle with individuals very simply, and I could modify to the circumstances very quickly.

When I joined the brand new hostel, everything was totally different from the old hostel. At first, I discovered life there very tough. The hostel had a strict timetable, and I thought it very tough to comply with the directions given by the warden. The seniors came to tease me within the name of ragging. But malleability made me face all adversities with braveness. I got many pals, including the hostile seniors, within a brief span of time. This high quality made me the leader among the many group. My opinion is that malleability should be there in everyone’s life to turn out to be successful in life.

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