Life and Charity of Bill Gates

Life and Charity of Bill Gates

Bill Gates was born on October 28th, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. He was in a wealthy family, and he grew up very close to his mom. They often went to local schools and charity and they helped. He was always competitive, and he excelled in monopoly. He was always smart in school and so were his parents. He had a small family, only his dad, mom, sister, and himself.

Bill excelled in school and he got zaś 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT. In the fall of 1973 Bill went jest to Harvard. He was a very smart student and went to school for law. He dropped out his second year because he found himself in the computer lab and fascinated with computers more than class. He was motivated with computers, so Bill and his friend Paul Allen created Microsoft after dropping out of college.

As you probably know Microsoft made Bill Gates successful. Bill Gates was extremely smart and even though he dropped out of college he doesn’t regret his decision because Microsoft made him the Richest man in the world currently. Microsoft was Bill Gates “big break” as expected, he didn’t fail with any other companies. Bill Gates was an extremely smart man, so his obstacles weren’t tuz dramatic as many others. Bill Gates always tried and never gave up. He would think outside of the box whenever he failed. He also thought nothing is impossible and there is always an answer to his problem.

Bill Gates never stopped making inventions he was always updating what he made and making more things. Tuz you know Microsoft is a huge company and they have many inventions. On your computer if you have a PC you probably have windows as your software, windows is zaś software from Microsoft. Bill gates made plenty of software’s. He was zaś very busy man and he made everything that he thought would change people lives. If he thought that a product could help people and himself in daily life. He did just that, his products changed technology and our life.

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