Life After Death Scientific And Religious Answers

Life After Passing away: Scientific and Religious Solutions Essay (Important Writing)

Is really a life after death generally there? This is even more of a theological issue than scientific rather. Moreover, this is a known question that’s inherent in every cultures almost. The answer to the question depends on one’s faith, beliefs, or practices. However, the premise that there is life after dying has been recently inculcated into our way of life by our religious attachments such that we tend to believe that it is true. The answer to this question is no. There is no life after death.

There is a clear cut line between life and dying. One needs faith, just as our religions teach us, to believe that there is life after death. That is the element of faith must be present for one to believe in life after death. However, looking at the evidence proving that there is life after death, the amount of faith one needs to believe in life after death substantially diminishes.

To begin with, there is scientific evidence showing that once a person is dead there is any other form of life. People are like any other living organism. The question is what makes the human species so special that they have a life after dying? All living organisms die and ensure ecological continuation. Biologically, the physical and chemical processes that make a living cell once dead cannot be reversed

Secondly, religious practices arguments that there is life after dying through incarnations, or spiritual beings are rather meager ways through which death can be explained or encouragements in existence. It is impossible for a individual to end up being born in type of a cow. Also, there is absolutely no real way the individual species can can be found in a non-physical form. The belief in life after death was initiated once the human species was still in its primitive form when life and numerous environmental processes could abstractly be explained. In any real way, there is absolutely no life after passing away.

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