Leadership and Understanding Its Global Impact Essay (Article)

Leadership and Understanding Its Global Impact Essay (Article)

It is quite obvious that a leader’s work involves quite a lot of stressful issues that one needs to tackle. To improve the overall state of business affairs, one has to make certain changes in the clockwork of his/her business world. As the driving force has come into motion, entrepreneurship will prosper.

A manager is supposed to have coercive authority, for only the people influential enough can manage the business. However, the question of how this could be achieved remains open. With all the existing theories on managing employees, most of them are far too generalizing, while management in Australia requires a specific approach.

As a manager, I would try to put the theory of successful leadership into practice. Keeping in mind the lessons obtained from the ideas of Dalglish, I would try to consider the psychology of an employee. It is extremely important to stand in the shoes of your opponent for a while, which is the most appropriate in the given situation.

Understanding the reasons, needs, and wants of the employees, I would easier solve the problem of motivating them. Although it takes a considerable effort, this is the only way to maintain the relationship with the staff and not to call the entrepreneurship to a halt. Ethical leadership is a key idea in this case.

As the most important and argumentative issues have been clarified, I would set clear targets for the workers to prevail. The more the staff understands the general idea of the foal, the better. Besides, I would necessarily set a tight schedule which will split the general target into several smaller ones. After each of the steps had been completed, I would hold small discussions within the group which will allow to set priorities for the next task and to grow more confidential in the work which the staff is doing. The significance of such a policy can be explained by the fact that people need encouragement in the professional sphere as well.

On the other hand, being an employee demands certain responsibility and skills as well. In this case, corporate ethics also presupposes that I should act as friendly and amicably as possible. In case the situation in the working place does not satisfy me, I would not rush to change the working place. Instead, it would be far more reasonable to calm down and reflect on the issues of the staff relationships and the atmosphere in the working place.

It is important to keep in mind that the only way to change the situation and the people around us to change yourself, which is exactly what I would do in this case. After considering the environment in the working place, I would try to change my attitude towards the work and my responsibilities.

Taking the ideas of Dalglish as the guideline for my further attitude to work and the overall work concept, I would try to focus on the prospects which the business suggests to me and on my role in the company. After considering the abovementioned issues, I would try to change my attitude toward work and colleagues, switching it to a more positive one.

Setting the foals for my further work and promotion track, I would set up the goals for my further career development. Once the goals have been defined, working turns into a journey to a better place. Combining the financial profit with the feeling of doing something significant, I would be able to achieve the goals and create new ones.

However, it is necessary to keep in mind that working is not always about earning more and more money and getting a new promotion. The combination of work that brings moral satisfaction and financial stability will probably someday make me think of being rather an employee than a manager, mostly because personal comfort is of more importance.

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