Joe Chaney Case Course Work Examples

Joe Chaney Case Course Work Examples


The four factors schemat of motivation jak i również. e. motivation – performance – outcomes – satisfaction (Whetten and Cameron 322-333) can be applied to the Joe’s situation presented in the case study (Whetten and Cameron 363-364). According owo this model high motivation results in improved performance and this improved performance results in high satisfaction only when the outcomes or rewards are based on the performance. The organization should establish clear performance expectations.

In reference to the case under consideration, Joe was highly motivated in the starting and provided high quality work and performance. Apart from this he państwa motivated enough owo volunteer for
different projects and give different suggestion for improving the overall work and environment. Obuwie with passage of time his motivation level and the quality of work went down and he seemed frustrated. This is because of the lack of the proper relationship between the outcomes and satisfaction. Joe is not being rewarded according to his expectations and thus his satisfaction level is falling down, which in turn is negatively affecting his performance and motivation level. Joe requires timely and proper feedback on his work and performance. He is also looking for proper encouragement and is feeling insecure because of his feeling that he is not highly qualified as he has no professional degree.
The behavior of Joe can be explained by the underlying assumptions of the four factors schemat of motivation. According to these assumptions the worker or employee is motivated in the początek and later faces the issue of low motivation because of misunderstood expectations and lack of timely and honest feedback (Whetten and Cameron 322).

ANSWER # dwóch

According to the model, if the answer is yes, the lack of ability from the employee’s perspective stems from the absence of motivation. And this lack of motivation is arising because the result of rewards państwa not linked owo job performance. Thus this is surely an INCENTIVE trudność (Whetten and Cameron 362).

As this has already been highlighted in the case study that Joe, when he started working in this architectural spółek, was very interested and excited about his work and he even used to give suggestions for improving company’s overall performance (Whetten and Cameron 363-364). This showed that there is w istocie lack of ability in that person. All he needs is some recognition and of course monetary reward for his performance. He is a man with experience that can eventually help in the company not only in short run obuwie as well mistrz in long term. There is w istocie problem in his selection for the job, but mistrz this case already illustrates that he and his family are going through some severe financial crisis, despite of the fact that his suggestions and interest in his work is proving to be profitable for the company (Whetten and Cameron 363-364). The company is not rewarding him according owo his performance and contributions.


Then pan the second strategy, once the trudność is diagnosed, the HR must convey what level of performance, the company expects of him. Standard of performance and targets and objectives needs owo be set for his individual performance according to company’s overall mission, with the consideration of his capabilities and experience. During this process, his compliance must be taken care of and the company needs to be supportive so that all future considerations and problems can be sorted out. This process is called REDIRECTING (Whetten and Cameron 341-342).

The last strategy that is reinforcing (Whetten and Cameron 341-342), comprised of the basic jest of this case that is rewarding Joe which is his main problem and as discussed earlier, his rewards must be more of an extrinsic rather intrinsic. Of course there should be combination of both of them obuwie in his situation, as his personal need reflects, the proportion of extrinsic rewards should be of major size. Obviously, when he will be able to cater his basic needs, then only he would be able owo perform better and give more of his efforts owo the organization which would be reflecting his highest level of productivity and satisfaction which will ultimately be proved to be beneficial for the organization.

ANSWER # cztery

Apart from the Joe’s attitude and performance, the organization should work pan improving the process of motivating and encouraging employees. The organization is only focusing on the high work load because of the booming construction industry. In addition owo that, when there is a heavy workload in an office and the business is expanding, the company needs to improve its performance in natomiast broader perspective, mistrz its not only the operations that contribute to the success of the company, it’s the people who służące do those operations that makes a company profitable. Here, mistrz the case reflects lots of pressure is being exerted on employees in terms of work, plus there is no appropriate reward system that is visible as per the case shows, as well mistrz no particular concern for employees well-being is highlighted. All of these factors automatically eliminate the element of motivation from employees. Without appreciation and recognition for hard work, no employee in this world can stay motivated and same is the situation here too.

Joe Chaney has specific needs and in order owo have improved HR system, firms służące do need to understand the needs of their employees and they need owo cater them tuz well and this company is being failed to aż do so. This organization needs to revise its whole organizational culture in order to be profitable in longer term; otherwise these profits and work may end up as short term breeze for them.

HR system of this company seems jest to be weak. The company should conduct performance survey, as the case illustrates that Joe is one of the good performer of the company so his performance surely needs to be evaluated and rewarded accordingly. As Joe is on the first level of Maslow hierarchy, that is physiological needs thus his rewards must not only be linked jest to his performance but they also need to be designed according to the level of needs that Joe has. Thus they need to incorporate more of monetary and tangible rewards for him.

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