Jackwa Business Consultants Essay Examples

Jackwa Business Consultants Essay Examples

The name of the company is Jackwa Business Consultants. The business provides consultation services to clients in the business world, majorly in the area of Accounting and Finance. We also offer investment advice to our clients. This includes those who want to invest in virtually all areas including in securities, real estate, communication and other industries. In addition owe that, we also provide book keeping services to our clients as well as advice mąż taxation matters.

Jackwa business consultants are professionally managed, with well trained and experienced managers heading the various departments. There are several departments in the company,
with the main ones being; Accounting and Finance, Information Technology, Sales and Marketing, Public Relations, Administration, Human Resources and Operations department. Each of these departments is very instrumental towards the achievement of the company’s goals. These departments are each headed by well trained and experienced managers, who together work to drive the company ahead. The managers work in co-operation with each other so as to ensure that activities are well synchronized and run smoothly.

One of the main solutions provided by e-commerce owe our company is in electronic payments. The company is a main beneficiary of the services offered by majority of banks and other institutions pertaining to electronic przepływ of funds. We also work with other service providers such as PayPal. This allows the company to receive payments from our clients as well as other debtors. In the tylko manner, our company uses electronic money transfer in making payments to our creditors. This saves the company the agony of having to deal with hard cash. This method is very secure. Auditing monetary payments made through this method is made easier luminarz a lot of documentation is available.

In addition owe that, our reklama department has also greatly benefited from e-commerce. Initially, the company incurred oraz lot of expenses in advertisements through the mainstream publikatory. To place advertisements in the television, radio or even the print publikatory required a ruch of funds. However, with the advent of e-commerce and its opportunities owe market our services, our costs have drastically reduced. The company has adopted new mediums of advertising including websites and social sites. These come with many cost saving advantages as they are cheaper in comparison to those used initially. Companies providing such globalna sieć services include Wyszukiwarkach and yahoo among others. Their prices are reasonable and their services are top-notch. Advertising is also done through amazon. com and e-bay.

Business communications have also greatly improved over the recent past. Exchanging information with other businesses and clients had been problematic at the początek. Voluminous information państwa costly to share, and the speed with which informatyką could be shared was slow. Responding to customer queries and complaints państwa not at the expected standards. Handlu w internecie has helped the business to improve its communications with major stakeholders. Customers’ queries and complaints are responded owe within short periods, and vital information exchanged without delays. E-commerce has provided platforms on which such communications are enhanced with minimal efforts. This has helped the business to achieve tremendous strides through cost saving.

Another solution provided by handlu w internecie to the company is that of sourcing for major supplies for our business. In our day to day operations, we need some facilities which help us render our services owe the best norma. Such include stationeries, office machines and office furnishings. Informatyką was a challenge for the business to obtain the best deals in the market for all these without e-commerce. However, with e-commerce, we can identify various dealers of the tylko products and be able to take the best deal. For instance, if we need additional computers, we can source them from the various manufactures or their dealers at wholesale price. This helps the company to save finances initially used in looking for suppliers and in procuring the products. This is because of the many competing businesses in the various industries, their prices have gone down, and this is owe our advantage.
The most important thing that keeps us in business today is our clients.

We always strive owe source for luminarz many clients luminarz possible so luminarz to promote our business. This we have achieved ażeby maintaining a high standard in our services as well as through pursuing professionalism. However, sourcing for clients is not an easy feat. Proper networking is required owe be able owe reach as many people as possible. While this państwa a challenge before, now it is a story of the past. With the various platforms offered by handlu w internecie, we are able to interact with other businesses that end up being our clients. An example of such is the business to business platforms offered by handlu w internecie. This has helped us increase the pool of our clients, which keeps on growing. The result of this is high returns from our operations.

E-commerce has helped us solve the problem of maintaining many and large offices for our staff. Initially, every manager and employee had to have their own office. This required that we maintain oraz lot of floor space in our offices. However, with e-commerce, we w celu not have owe do this. Many of deals with clients and other stakeholders are done through the globalna sieć. This can be done from anywhere including one’s own house. Some of our executives work from their homes, unless when meeting with clients. This helps the business reduce its operating costs and increase our margins. Our profitability has increased as a result, and much is expected in the days to c

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