Information Technology As A Competitive Advantage

IT as a Competitive Benefit Essay (Write-up)


Information technology is really a major element in business growth. Focusing on IT alone isn’t as successful as when coupled with well supported human reference. Other business resources are needed. They include design, bench marking, and IT planning. IT behaves like commodities. Thus, it can only produce excellent results when supported by strong business and human resources (Powell & Milcallef, 1997).


This article has successfully established the notion that IT is a critical factor contributing to business growth. It brings out the value of human source and disagrees with the fact that IT can replace humans in firms (Powell & Milcallef, 1997).


In as much as IT gives firms a competitive advantage, the main factor in business growth is the value that consumers attach to the products offered. This article left out the relationship between consumers and Information technology (Powell & Milcallef, 1997).


Information Technology can never take the place of humans in business. Value chain drives business growth. This article is effective for firms who are concentrating on improving IT while neglecting some other aspects. Integration of IT and other resources is the key to growing business.

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