Gun Control Legislation in Colorado Essay

Gun Control Legislation in Colorado Essay

The issue that is being discussed these days in Colorado is the gun control legislation that was recently signed by the Governor John Hickenlooper. This law appeared as a reaction to the events that shocked the country. The history of shooting in public places in the United States of America counts many cases of mass murder in facilities like schools, universities or movie theaters. These accidents always leave many victims and a massive public reaction. Gun control measures in Colorado involve two debating sides. The side that supports the new laws includes Michael Bloomberg representing the group called Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Eli Broad. The opposing side is represented by the National Rifle Association.

The two senators that were facing a recall were involved in this issue due to the active participation in the policy of gun control. The other factors that explain individual participation in this problem, to my mind, are good income and ability to provide finances and take part in this political issue. As we see now, both sides of the debate have been contributing large sums of money in order to support their own policies and opinions. Another factor that would make an individual become a part of this happening is personal involvement in the business that will win or suffer from the new laws. One more feature necessary for an active participant of this debate is ideological and moral values and personal interest. The individual taking part in this argument has to be personally affected by the issue one way or another.

The success of this issue is explained by the fact that this problem has occurred in the United States long ago and many people grew to support the gun control measures. It is a well-known fact that the availability of the guns in the country has contributed to the growing rate of criminal activity and massacres in schools. This social issue of the United States is known worldwide, this is why when it finally was addressed this measure brought a lot of support. The factor of morals and humanism played a big role in the success of the issue.

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