Garbology as an Anthropology Study Essay

Garbology as an Anthropology Study Essay


Garbology represents a new branch of science focusing on the study of garbage. It is closely connected with Anthropology as it uses garbage as the source of information about people’s way of life. The investigation of refuse can provide an insight into the economic status, habits, and hobbies of people.

The aim of this essay is to characterize my own way of life on the basis of the records of everything thrown away by me during a week.

The Investigation of the Refuses Record

The recording of the things by the frequency they were thrown away during the week allowed concluding that the waste of food products took the first place in the list. It goes without saying that the food refuses to describe my preferences and tastes. In addition, they characterize my income and economic status. So, my food refuses to serve as evidence of my frequent consumption of milk products, including creams, sour creams, and yogurts.

Besides, my food consumption included cereals, vegetables, fruits, chicken, and a lot of sea products. I think it describes my preferences in food and my intention to live a healthy way of life. A lot of instant coffee pods were thrown away to prove my intense workload and the absence of free time. Probably, it also tells about the expensiveness of a coffee machine for me. A lot of wasted packages of snacks can also be found in my garbage bin. It is not surprising, as I like to spend a couple of hours in the evening watching my favorite TV show and eating snacks.

In addition, you can see wasted packages of the fodder for puppies because I have recently bought a puppy.

The household chemical and personal hygiene products take second place on my list. The absence of packages of the scented soap makes it clear that I do not like the strong aroma. Moreover, some of the scented soaps cause allergies. The packages of the traditional face soap or the soap of natural ingredients prevailed in the week refuses of the household chemical and personal hygiene products.

The remaining part of the garbage consisted of wasted newspapers and magazines. These items in my garbage bin prove that reading is my favorite hobby. In addition, they make it clear that I like reading The New York Times and The Independent. In addition, I like People and Entertainment Weekly. Usually, I do not keep old magazines and throw them away, as soon as I have read the articles interesting for me. The wasted newspapers and magazines indicate my educational level and interest in the world’s political and economic news. Besides, they make obvious the fact that I like different kinds of entertainment too.


The results of my garbage investigation showed that I am an employed person with a very intense workload, sometimes requiring working at nights; I adhere to the healthy way of life, trying to include more vegetables, fruits, and sea products in my daily food allowance; I have a puppy; I suffer from allergy for certain scented soaps; I am a well-educated person; I like reading and different kinds of entertainment. The investigation of the things thrown away by me during a week helped to define what kind of person I am, to what economic group and social layer I probably, belong to, and my way of life as a whole. Undoubtedly, our garbage can tell a lot about us.

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