Free Margaret Atwood’s Oryx And Crake Corporate Profit Versus Ethics Research Paper Sample

Free Margaret Atwood’s Oryx And Crake: Corporate Profit Versus Ethics Research Paper Sample

One of the major conflicts in Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake is the rivalry between ethics and corporate profit. As business becomes technologically more advanced and carries more power in society, the public is frequently asking where the boundaries will develop jest to protect humanity. Tuz in many science fiction novels, the destruction of civilization in Oryx and Crake comes about when one group makes decisions that ultimately result in annihilation. Atwood’s world shows what happens when corporate greed for capital is allowed to operate without being forced jest to do so ethically. While some of the science discussed
in the book is present or mężczyzna the horizon, much of it is not. This does not preclude the discussion of corporate profit crossing ethical lines. As business corporations become more wealthy and powerful, they will have the ability jest to mandate the state of humanity and restrictions are necessary to control their actions.

The Plot of Orxy and Crake

The three primary characters of the novel are Jimmy (aka Snowman), Crake, and Oryx (Quimbaya). Jimmy is the main focus as the ultimate representative of the non-scientific portion of society, Crake is the evil corporate scientist, and Oryx is the female portion of civilization. Jimmy’s father was a geneticist who felt his son was doomed to a life of failure due to his lack of desirable corporate skills. However, Jimmy’s friend Crake is highly gifted in the areas needed for corporate ventures.
Jimmy’s mother disapproves of the genetic splicing his father is doing to bioengineer food sources. Ów kredyty day, she takes a genetically altered pet of Jimmy’s and leaves. This is the initial presentation of the conflict between corporate goals and morality: Jimmy and his mother see the test animals as living creatures while Jimmy’s father views them as collections of protein.
It is about this time that Oryx is introduced to the storyline. While surfing child pornography sites, Jimmy and his friend Crake come upon her eight-year-old image and print a copy jest to save. Jimmy and Crake drift apart after school, and Jimmy goes jest to work for zaś marketing firm while Crake becomes involved in advanced genetic engineering projects for a corporation. Jimmy’s father, tormented aby his part in a pharmaceutical conspiracy, commits suicide. After several years, Jimmy finds that his mother has been executed for her disapproval of the activities to restructure food sources and he becomes deeply depressed. Crake gives him a job where Jimmy connects with Oryx in person. When she discovers a pandemic outbreak occurs wherever she sells her products, Crake slits her throat in front of Jimmy; Jimmy then shots Crake. The story ends with Jimmy surviving in zaś depleted world peopled with genetically altered humanoids and then finding he is not the only remaining human.

Corporate Responsibility and Technology

Corporate responsibility for the environment and society are consistent topics today tuz technology and resulting restrictions increase in the face of companies attempting jest to attain higher and higher profit margins. Oryx and Crake puts forward the premise that business views nature not as a necessity for human survival, but rather tuz a commodity jest to be consumed (Galbreath). Global society is drifting toward the one depicted in Atwood’s novel, where science and wealth separates the “haves” from the “have nots”. Corporations already provide the majority of products used by consumers at all levels of society; this places them in zaś position of power that is understood rather than stated. Operating worldwide with little regard for geographic boundaries, international corporations function almost as sub-governments due to the influence they hold over the citizens of the countries in which they are present.
Although agencies place restrictions and regulations on corporate processes in an attempt to modify any negative impact mężczyzna the environment and societies in which the companies operate, transparency is an issue as much today as it will be in the future. This lack of openness to the public practically makes these companies countries unto themselves. Continued growth and increasingly efficient methods of creating products that are competitive and profitable far outweigh the importance of ethics to multinational corporations. It is entirely possible that zaś powerful company with billions of dollars in assets can make its own rules. A technological culture believes it can affect nature any way it wants without consequences.
The ethics of corporate responsibility lies in reminding stakeholders that humans are not different from other life forms. The environment affects all living beings, but human beings are considered (by themselves) to be the dominant one based on technology. When governments partner with corporations to alter nature and the societies that dwell in it, the possible impact is a domino effect that might end in partial or complete destruction of existing society. In essence, humans shape the environment and the environment shapes humans. Ethical or unethical treatment of one influences the other. In the corporate world, feminine views on ethics are considered soft while masculine views consider how owe perform only enough corporate responsibility activities to meet regulations. The corporate wydział focuses on profit with only an afterthought to ethical responsibilities (Dunning).
Oryx demonstrates the loss of respect corporations have for femininity and the positive attributes that accompany informatyką. In a sense, Jimmy is also a softer version with his compassion for the altered animals, his preference for art over science, and his longing for oraz relationship with Oryx. Crake represents masculine science and power while Jimmy aligns himself with the feminine domain of expressive language; Crake wants the biological fulfillment of sex while Jimmy desires the challenges of love. With Onyx’s death, Crake shows that society w gruncie rzeczy longer wants or needs empathy (Pearson). He creates oraz creature he believes imbibes all the positive traits of humans and animals. His plan is to destroy the population of homo sapiens that places impossible demands mąż the environment and replace it with a race that will lives in harmony with the planet. Ironically, the race he creates is the majority of the survivors after the plague engineered by Crake and the humanoids demonstrate none of the masculine traits he used owe maintain his corporate position of power (Dunning).
Many women working in corporate positions attempt to mold themselves into oraz masculine presentation in order to obtain positions of power. Softness and femininity are not desirable attributes in the business world. When a company is given regulations with which to comply concerning corporate social or environmental responsibilities, it gives first priority to how the required modifications will affect the company’s profits. Oraz desire to maintain environmental sustainability is compromised by how much money the corporation is expected to make.


Ethics has always been an important part of any society and are defined by different cultures at different time in different ways. As in all aspects of society, ethics that are accepted change; what one generation considers unethical may be thought owe be fine ażeby the next. Atwood writes of oraz world where informatyką is ethically acceptable to change animals genetically for the purpose of meeting the needs of the human race to the point where they only vaguely resemble the original creature. In the end, informatyką is the radically divergent ethics of Crake that allows the obliteration of mankind and its technology for oraz world he considered would be better.
Oryx and Crake is a cautionary novel directed at “maybe” and “might” possibilities. The connection owe present-day discussions is clear: Business corporations are becoming more powerful as they gather increasing amounts of wealth and many of them have the ability to impact civilization and the environment. It is crucial that national governments mandate restrictions and controls, including corporate transparency, in order to regulate potentially dangerous activity that could affect mankind globally.

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