free course work about international and domestic terrorism

Free Course Work About International and Domestic Terrorism

International and Domestic Terrorism
International terrorism usually involves violent actions, which are dangerous and harmful to human life, thereby, violation of the criminal laws as well as they occur mainly outside of the territorial jurisdiction of the U. S. On the other hand, domestic terrorism basically refers the violence that usually involve groups or individuals terrorists whose activities are directed towards the government’ s people or population, however, without any foreign participation (United States, 1978). These acts entail planning, obtaining materials as well as other activities, which are directly or indirectly linked to the terrorism (Netanyahu, 1997).

It is evident that victims of international terrorism usually develop mental health problems. For instance, it is evident that 36% of the September 11 attack experienced probable psychiatric cases while 54. 5% has higher psychiatrist prevalence. The long term effect of the International terrorism includes the fact that the world’ s economy usually destabilizes. Additionally, if forces nations especially U. K. and U. S. to change their foreign policy. The September 11produced both the short term and long term economic impact, which proved to be costly for many states. Domestic terrorism usually has a terrible significance to the financial markets as well as the state’ s economy. Moreover, it ensures causes mental problems to both the victim and their families (Root, 2008).

Interestingly, both international and domestic terrorism have impact on both U. S. and the International Organization, which includes the fact that many nations such as U. K. and U. S. have changed their policies aimed at fighting terrorism. For Instance, U. S. they introduce a strategic vision policy for war on Terror, which was aimed at projecting what type of powerful instruments to use for the domestic attack as well as the international war on terror U. S. Additionally, U. S. changed its foreign policy in order to curb terrorism (Root, 2008).


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