free course work about alcohol and tobacco related deaths

Free Course Work About Alcohol And Tobacco Related Deaths

– Should taxes on alcohol and tobacco be increased to help pay for rising medical costs?

Thesis statement

In this topic, we are going to analyse the reasons why alcohol and tobacco should be taxed. I am in full support of the taxation of alcohol and tobacco. I am targeting the policy makers who govern budget making and the general public as well.

Alcohol and tobacco related deaths have been on the rise with the improved levels of lifestyles in America. More people are earning more so they have more income to use and sometimes it leads to drug abuse such as alcoholism and cigarette smoking. In cases where individuals with these diseases come for medical treatment of the related diseases, they strain the available budget for the covers such as Medicaid.

The government provides subsidies to needy people using tools such as Medicare and Medicaid. Medicaid, one of the medical tools used by the U. S. government to provide medical care to its citizens (Community Catalyst, 2003) is usually so strained to accommodate over 50 million people covered by this and so it has a strain on the national budget. It is quite a good idea if alcohol and tobacco are taxed. With revenues of around $48, 939, 000 (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, n. d. ), it would be a plausible idea to tax them so as to provide medical services to treat these kinds of tobacco and alcohol related diseases.

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– Should minors who commit violent crimes be tried as adults?
Thesis statement
The idea is to show how to approach different cases of violent crimes committed by minors. The article is aimed at the judiciary who are tasked with trying minor offenders to approach each case with the uniqueness it deserves.

The answer
Violent crimes such as robbery with violence, murder on the first degree or rape, in many countries carry either life imprisonment or the death penalty. Before minors are tried as adults for such crimes, it is wise if the root cause for committing such crimes is established. Minors in many cases carry out acts they have been exposed to or have grown up seeing as a norm and sometimes just carry out these actions out of habit (Scott & Steinberg, 2008).

The best way to go in this cases is juvenile correction to establish the root cause and rehabilitate the minors to be better. In other cases, they have disorders that are not diagnosed early enough to correct them. However there are cases where the minors commit the offences knowingly (Menaster, 2012). Such cases should be tried as adult cases so as to serve as a lesson for those who think that being a minor serves as a guilt-free cards.

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– Should U. S i9000 Government provide monetary assistance?

Thesis statement
The concept is in order to show why the particular government should provide assistance to a few of the organizations that greatly impact the growth plus stability of the particular economy. The content is targeted at plan makers responsible for cash strategy for various elements of the economic climate.

The answer
The development associated with any country is dependent on the power and willingness associated with the government in order to support its inhabitants and organizations specially in providing financial support where it is definitely needed. Students might be eligible for a top institutions however they cannot pay for the high price of tuition. If the government just relax and let fantastic minds go in order to waste? No these people should supply them with the particular necessary financial help cover the costly fees (U. S i9000. Department of Education and learning, 2012).

The economy of Circumstance. S. is mainly influenced by the banks’ capability to be steady. Within the recent financial recession, banks had been the worst strike as well as the government arrived in to all of them out of this particular recession. It is definitely therefore imperative that will government provide monetary assistance to like institutions so that will the economy from the country which is definitely quite reliant upon the banking program to avoid complete collapse (Monnin & Jokipii, 2010).


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