Free Costco Wholesale Corporation Course Work Example

– Based on how you think most people in your department or organization would respond to the 12 questions used as a "Measuring Stick", what scores (high, medium, low) would you anticipate on the various questions? Why?

For this study, Costco Wholesale Corporation is selected for answering the measuring stick questions. The questions’ responses will depict Costco Wholesale Corporation employees’ satisfaction level with the workplace and will discuss those factors, which are helpful for employees’ satisfaction.

1. Do I know what is expected of me at work?

If the question is stated for understanding how Costco Wholesale Corporation values its human capital. For this purpose, the first measuring stick question is whether employees’ are aware of their job descriptions and work expectations or not. The anticipated score for this question is HIGH, company annual positive profitability figures depict that employees JD are clearly communicated to them.

2. Do I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work right?

If it is asked, whether employees are provided adequate material and equipment for performing their jobs effectively and efficiently or not, the score would be high as Costco is one of the companies that value its employees by providing all the necessary supplies to the employees. Employees are given proper trainings on continuous basis.

3. At work, do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day?

If the question will ask whether employees are getting best working opportunity or not at Costco then the anticipated score would be high as this company provides career progression to its potential employees.

4. In the last seven days, have I received recognition or praise for doing good work?

If the question would be, ask from Costco employees whether they get any praise or recognition in last seven days or not then, the score would be high to medium. Because the employee satisfaction level at Costco is high because management recognizes and praise its employees by verbal and non-verbal actions.

5. Does my supervisor, or someone at work, seems to care about me as a person?

Management of Costco takes care of its employees as a person and the score would be high because employees who are working there get monetary and non-monetary benefits. Apart from that, Costco gives dependent care assistance plan as well as care network services to its employees’ where their personal and professional issues will get resolved.

6. Is there someone at work who encourages my development?

The score will be high if the question would be asked from employees whether peers and boss encourage them or not. Employees there are given growth opportunities and the growth is purely given on their performances.

7. At work, do my opinions seem to count?

Costco is practicing open environment, where employees have right to contribute and share their opinions openly. So if it will be asked whether employees’ opinion matters or not then the score would be high.

8. Does the mission/purpose of my company make me feel my job is important?

Costco has aligned its mission and vision with the job descriptions of the employees and if the question were asked regarding this then the score would be high. The alignment of mission and vision with the employees’ job descriptions make them feel that their job is important.

The working environment of Costco is friendly and cooperative; coworkers are dedicated towards performing well as they are well satisfied with their jobs. If the question would be asked whether co-workers are committed to do quality work then the score would be high.

9. Do I have a best friend at work?

At Costco, employees work together and in close proximity and they share good relationship with each other, so if ask from them whether they share good friendship among them then the score would be high.

10. In the last six months, has someone at work talked to me about my progress?

Proper evaluations and performance appraisals have been done at Costco, which is the reason the employees’ strengths and weaknesses are communicated to them. These evaluations have taken place on monthly and quarterly basis. Therefore, if the question asks whether employees’ performances are evaluated in last six months then the score would be high.

11. This last year, have I had opportunities at work to learn and grow?

Costco is expanding and overall the whole organization is growing so employees have opportunities to learn and grow. If it were asked whether employees are getting opportunity to learn and grow this year then the score would be high.

ii. What conclusions can you make about business unit performance in your organization or department based on those scores? Were some questions scored higher than others were?

Costco is one of the companies that have highest numbers of satisfied employees. The scores itself depict that there is minimum communication gap between management and resource, the high scores depict that employees are well of their job descriptions and management decisions and this reduces communication gap between management with employees. Proper recognition and reward are given to the employees who make them more satisfied and motivated with their existing jobs. Organization not only values its quality human resources but also their families by providing health and life insurance and provides them different services that assist them in solving their problems and issues. The productive working environment results in the overall growth of the organization. The scores depict that employees are motivated and that is the reason the organization’s profits are increasing with every passing year.

iii. What do you think about the notion and value of taking care of items at the “base camp” level first, before dealing with “summit” issues? Why?

A positive and productive workplace can be created by considering base camp items. Base camp comprises of two fundamentals and these are nature of the job and the reason of doing the job. It is essential for the employees to answer these questions in order to perform their job tasks efficiently. In summit employees want to be the part of innovation and change of the workplace.

It is not possible for an employee to bring innovative ideas without fulfilling the base camp level. The foundation of summit is to know the job and how that job can be performed.

a. Go to (copy/paste the url) to learn more about employee attitude surveys.

The three imminent topics would be included on an attitude survey are as following: i) proper resources and training must be given to perform job efficiently and effectively ii) job awareness and proper information to the employees and the third topic would be shared vision for the inspiration and company to attain that vision.

Job awareness title would address to what extent employees are involved in their jobs. This may includes questions: to what extent employees are free to take their work related decision; whether they have adequate information about the duties and responsibilities they have to perform; they must be connected with how their JD effects company’s mission; to what extent employees are involved in problem solving; there would not be any communication gap between managers and employees at workplace. The productive workforce can be attained by the positive outcomes of the above-mentioned questions.

The training and development would be the most important survey title. Under this, the significance of training and development will be asked from employees. The responses of those questions highlight the significance of training and development for the employees.

A summit level for the workforce can be indicated if the outcomes are positives. The positive outcomes depict high employee engagement and by this, managers can attain productivity, innovation and trust of their employees. The survey depicts the employees’ engagement with the company’s overall objectives and goals. Once employees are aware of their JDs then they are engaged and bring innovative ideas by enhancing and developing their skills through attending sessions of training and development. At last, another level comes where engaged employees add value towards organization’s overall productivity and their actions align with company’s mission and vision.

b. Which of the ideas presented in “Using Employee Surveys strategically” would have the most positive impact in your organization and why?

With reference to Costco, managers must use analyses tools and participate in survey design in order to enhance survey relevancy. The imminent findings of the survey must be kept isolated in order to comprehend outcomes and put in relevant context. Managers will be able to determine their outcomes and evaluate the ways of measuring company or industry benchmarks. The comparison or perspectives actuate managers to take appropriate actions. Managers must consider survey as an effective tool for managing effectively their workforce. The survey must be pertinent so that managers can evaluate the jest of surveys and easily interpret the findings of the survey.

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