free article on trend of growth in congestion and population

Free Article On Pattern of Growth in Congestion and Population

Purpose of the essay.

The key purpose of Carle’ s essay was to address the rising trend of growth in congestion and population in already overpopulated capital cities. The author uses California as an example yet the details apply to almost all towns and cities in America. The author brings along issues of environmental degradation, inflation from housing rates, poverty and overexploitation of natural resources (Maasik and Solomon, 2004). These issues bring along a risk of crime, pollution, racism, and house and traffic congestion. There is a risk of increased rates of accidents, health disorders, declined levels of lifestyle and poverty associated with these issues. Carle’ s essay ‘ sprawling gridlock’ is just a review of the key problems that associate with development in the cities. This may be as a result of lifestyle switch and search with regard to employment that leads to congestion in the cities. Overpopulation in these towns, result to lack of housing and increased rental rates, high standards of living, health risks and pollution.


The key concern of Carle in the essay sprawling gridlock was the congestion in large cities. The author portrays life in large cities as overpopulated and congested. This is in terms of the residents, buildings, traffic and infrastructure that make the environment congested. The essay figures out the problems that associate with traffic congestion and overpopulation in large cities and towns. These are caused by constructors and engineers that continue to build new residential plus houses in currently congested areas plus locations. These houses bring more individuals along with their particular vehicles. This adds to more visitors and more blockage. Traffic congestion provides along inpatient motorists, and this portions to more street rages. The blockage also makes individuals speed along red-lights (where they are usually not supposed to). The essay discussions about how individuals feel as in the event that ‘ cars are usually cells, where they will waste their time’.
Of several important, within the article, is the worry on the concern of water. The particular author recognizes that will the quality plus lifestyle of Ca residents has already been declined by absence of water (Cochran, et al, 2011). The residents end result to importing drinking water from other metropolitan areas within the surroundings. The particular major rivers within the area that will include Colorado Riv, Northern California Riv and Eastern Sierra, have been completely exploited. These organic resources have already been polluted by waste materials and irrigation. Poor leadership has furthermore affected the submission of water.
Imported water provides also played a component in the framing from the pattern associated with population growth price within the city. The particular author indicates that will water choices are usually essential primary equipment in shaping the continuing future of the city. Within his own sights, Carle’ s indicates that the decreased lifestyle quality plus exploited environment can simply be corrected in the event that all Californians walk out of their modern patterns of actions and embrace the particular shortage of drinking water as being a calamity within this region. Using this fact, the citizens will manage the tiny they have since they attempt to kind out a sustainable answer.

Relationship to other areas.

Major cities in the world happen to be affected by the same problems as California’ s. Increase in population in already congested towns will be on the rise in the usa. This will certainly in return affect the dream of the state. California remains to be the most popular destination with regard to both Americans and other immigrants. Some other cities like New York, LA, Texas may also be following suit. Overpopulation brings about growth and development. This is accrued to high consumption levels (i. e. with regard to goods and services), industrial growth, growth in transport and communication sectors and more innovation. Overpopulation can be credited to growth in production and technology in search of fast solutions. However, if not well reviewed growth in population, especially in already populated areas, has a lot of limitations.

Cities like New York have for a long time being faced by housing problems. This will be from congestion of the population where the demand with regard to housing is around the higher side than supply (Myers, 2002). This has led to increased rental rates which has credited to inflation which affects all sectors of life in the city. Shortage of water is also another issue confronted in most cities, in America. As a result, only the rich get access to this important source. The poor are left to survive with little or no water. In areas like Baltimore, overpopulation has led to growth of suburbs in search of cheaper survival means. Suburbs have then initiated security threats and crime. These are some of the issues that are dragging the dream of America behind.

Sprawling gridlock attributes to cultural change and assimilation of new cultures. This starts from the family circle. Growing up in a congested area comes with all sorts of shortcomings. These include poverty, lack of proper education and adaptation of new sets of behavior that may not be appealing. Overpopulation brings along unemployment issues that lead to increased levels of poverty in these areas. This may result to growth of suburbs which are associated to crime. Raising a family in such areas is challenged by lack of essential and basic needs such as water and food. As a result, of inflation and increased prices most families do not live comfortably and according to the standards that they would expect. Social life in these areas is also a challenge. Overpopulation leads to a blend of mixed cultures and customs. These cultures lead to new developments in terms of language, adaptability and socialization, which mostly affect the youth. Setting up a cohesive community in such areas is usually an enormous problem since everyone has his/her own drives and cultural limits.
The key challenge in setting up cohesive communities in such areas is the acquisition of a common lifestyle. Leadership in these areas is streamlined on what the leaders view as the key problems, but not from what the affected individual’ s experience. The capability of individuals in leadership matters is not considered; rather people elect leaders from their own ethnic backgrounds. Which means that the needs associated with the least filled ethnic groups might never be went to to since the particular ‘ majority rules’ concept prevails. Obtaining leadership positions within such areas is definitely also an element of where a single originates from, status plus background. The results of these are usually skewed developments plus discrimination to the particular poorly represented qualification.


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