free article on the hershey company

Free Article On The Hershey Company

The article that will be discussed in this essay is “ Hershey' s provocateur-in-chief pushes the candy company to $10 billion”. The article is about how Michele Buck, the Senior Vice President and Chief Growth Officer of The Hershey Company, has spearheaded the company to achieve tremendous growth in revenues for the past years. Buck’ s new goal is to reach the $10 billion revenue mark by 2017. The author shares her interview with Buck where they talk about how she achieved the significant growth in Hershey’ s sales, her vision for the company and how she intends to pursue the $10 billion revenue target.

The current event cited is an illustration on the topic on leadership that was discussed in class. Buck, who has the title of Chief Growth Officer, is a leader with a vision who believes in something bigger. The admirable financial performance of Hershey speaks well of her leadership. She is a transactional leader whose actions are based on cost-benefit strategy. She knew that penetrating the China market has a high cost but she was also aware of China is a priority market. She was able to convince the other people in their organization that hers was the right strategy and she proved herself correct.

Buck’ s leadership style is characteristic of a transformational leader. She introduces change and innovation like the increase in advertising expense as a percentage of sales, from two to eight percent. Buck is instrumental in introducing innovations in marketing and research. A significant lesson in management that one can understand from Buck will be her attitude in the direction of the assignments that is given. She says that every task is a learning chance. Moreover, she emphasizes that one must also learn from individuals whom one works with. She underlines the importance of not being complacent and simply remaining inside a status quo position; rather, 1 must be a “ provocateur — pushing the boundaries of what’ h possible” (Goudreau, 2013, par 2).


Goudreau, M. (2013, March 4). Hershey' s provocateur-in-chief pushes the chocolate company to $10 billion. Retrieved from forbes. com:

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