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After the recent presidential pools in the US and the retention of Mr. Osama as the American president, much was written in the media as pertains to his re-election. Below is a discussion of some of the terms and phrases that might were widely used by most of the dailies.

– Second-term (Clymer Para 1): in the political context in America, this term is used to describe a situation where an individual, especially a president, is elected for the second and final term of two years at the helm of the country’s politics. However, it has to be noted that in the historical context, most of the presidents found it hard to deal with the challenges of the second term such that it was labeled the second term curse. Franklin Roosevelt lost his grip on the Congress during this time, Ronald Reagan had a scandal in 1986 related to Iran, Bill Clinton was impeached during his second term in 1998 and Nixon had to resign to avoid a similar fate. Well, the second term goes into the American historical context as one of the toughest times for the presidents.

– Presidential Debate (Nagourney et al Para 1): for the months prior to the presidential polls, the presidential candidates were involved in three of these debates, which have become a culture of the American politics. The debates are defined as the set up where the two candidates for the American presidency are brought together before an audience, usually comprised of undecided people. In the presence of a moderator, the candidates are supposed to challenge each other on pertinent issues in the society at the time. The debates are aimed at trying to win the undecided crowds to their side.

– National Conventions (Baker Para 1): this is another phrase used in describing the American political system and the cultures therein. This term is used to define the phenomenon where the presidential candidates seek to meet their supporters before the polls day. During this time, the supporters of the Democrat as well as those of the Republican candidates al converge at a pre-selected location. It is at this time that they discuss the party issues as well as the party policies. It is more of a brainstorming session where they talk out some of the issues that are facing their party, and also look for the way forward in handling these issues.

– Immigration (Baker Para 5): This is a very common term that is used to mean the movement of people from one country to another or simply from one place to another. The term is quite common in the American political arena since the country suffers from the problem of illegal immigrations as well as issues related to the rights of immigrants, the laws of immigration and how to regulate these. The issue of immigration is quite pertinent during the elections since the stands of the different candidates in relation to immigration can determine whether they are a favorite of the people or not. It is one of the major bones of contention.

– Foreign affairs (Nagourney Para 6): This looks more of a contemporary term than of a political issue. However, it is quite pertinent in the American political history since long ago. America is quite involved in the international affairs in many countries. The diplomatic efforts employed by the different leaders during different times were very influential that they came to be known as doctrines. For instance, there was the Monroe Doctrine during, the Reagan Doctrine during the cold war. Other presidents also had their reactions to the international affairs. This aspect also affects the policies of the candidates and can determine whether the people vote for him or not.

– Legacy (Clymer Para 2): this is a term that is commonly used to describe the exploits of the American political leaders and the impact that they had on the history of the country. It goes way back in history right from the declaration of independence, the civil war, the two world wars, the cold war and the Vietnam War. During all these times, the sitting presidents had to make some tough decisions and take stern actions, some of which were not supported by al. in the long run, they made a name for their exploits, and they won admiration foe what they did. For instance, Lincoln is famed for his description of democracy while Washington is remembered for the speech of Guttenberg, while Harry Truman is remembered for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which showed America’s prowess. Various other presidents have done exploits or led actions which had an impact on the history of American as well as the history of the world. This is what is defined as their legacy.

In conclusion, the above definitions highlight some of the major terms and phrases that are used in the American political history and culture. The list of the terms used can be endless given that the country has a rich political history and culture. The ones listed above are just a highlight that there is a lot to admire in the country’s political history.

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