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What the popular culture eats in this century depends on the ethnic groups in the nation. Each group has its own food habits and culturally based foods. Conversely, the mainstream culture affects cultural perspectives on food since it offers a wide variety of foods such as cuisines and pizzas. This paper focuses on three different articles representing their views on food in America. This paper argues that the American diet has the combination of many cultures in this decade.

Mary Eberstadt argues that people have trouble of mentioning food without by passing mention of sex. The human mind perceives as connection between food and sex. I tend to think that if people pursue the interests of food and sex without considering the repercussion; this can cause injuries to one’s life as well as the society. I think there are numerous people who have mentioned these two appetites in the historical context. Excessive appetite for sex can lead to potential destruction due to the occurrence of diseases, sexual aggression, and disorders that wreck homes. The religious groups have often lauded their own critic towards this vice of insatiable appetite of sex. Victims of this vice are prone to stigma or even punishment by the law enforcement. Excessive appetite on food can lead one to steal and face the full force of the law. Radley Balko concerns on the issue of obesity. The ABC News rallies for the nutrition foods to the consumers. This media initiative works in tandem government efforts that seek to ensure students do not access unhealthy foods. In light of this information, I think it is good for the government to consider funding the venture of the sidewalks and bike trails. This will promote the culture of physical exercises to alleviate the impending problem of obesity. It is additionally important for the schools vending machine to stop selling unhealthy food and instead sell nutritional food. Alternatively, the move to increase the tax on the high-calorie food is good. This is because it is meant to stop the production of those foods since they will be expensive emanating from a high cost. I think the menu-labeling legislation is essential. This legislation will ensure all restaurants send their menu items to the laboratory for nutritional testing so that consumers can only access nutritional foods in the cafeterias.

The popular culture in America has considered venturing in the lobster delicacy such as the Maine Lobster Festival. This festival entertains people with thrilling activities such as the competition of Lobster Cooking competition. This article is informative and educates one on the preparation of Lobster. By reading this article, I have learnt that lobsters are special animals in their handling and their preparation. These are the only animals without the part of the brain that responds to pain. These are the only animals that one can slaughter before killing while the rest of the animals one has to kill prior to slaughtering. To prepare a lobster, one needs to boil water then pour the boiling water on the live lobster that dies after forty-five seconds immersed on the hot water. This article also informs on the biological view of the animal by highlighting the kingdom, phylum, and the genus of the lobster. Lobster is a scavenger sea animal that feeds on dead matter and any other trash.

I am of the opinion that food rules should not be strict as the sex rule. People should address the diet they partake. Most people in the popular culture eat a variety of food that is unhealthy and can lead them to suffer lifestyle diseases. I think the contraceptive pill undermines the family structure of marriage since on its accessibility teenagers can experience pre-marital sex. I disagree with the author since she says that sexual generated diseases are manageable since sexual related diseases continue to kill millions of people worldwide. I agree with the author who says that consumption of food should be one' responsibility. Instead of the government interfering with all the foodstuffs, the government can foster a sense of responsibility to all the citizens. Everyone must consume a healthy diet to keep off from lifestyle diseases such as stroke and cancer. The idea of the government that works to ensure that the private insurers do not charge high premiums will not foster responsibility among the citizens in the nation. It seems that people in the past had a low opinion of eating a lobster since they were fed to prisoners only. During this period, lobsters were many since not many people consumed them. Currently, this perception has changed given the number of people who come to this festival and continue to increase at every other festival.

In conclusion, the food sector has recently undergone revolution to produce foods using genetic manipulation. This enables the food sector to address the rising demand that does not compare with the available land for farming as well as other factors. These kinds of food have led to unprecedented cases of obesity that affects both the upper and the lower classes. Previously, the private insurers charge high premiums to the people that suffer lifestyle diseases to enforce the concept of a healthy lifestyle. This move by the government is likely to lead to people taking high-calorie food since the government is meeting the medication cost. It is important for the society to have people, who are responsible for one another, such as government putting restriction on types of food and the consumers remaining committed to eating good foods to avoid the lifestyle diseases.

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