Fitness Essay Sample


I have been brought up in family of fitness freaks. I remember my parents playing different sports with me; giving me chance to select the sport of my interest. I am passionate about basket ball and swimming. I was taught that participating and playing with team spirit was more important than wining. The farsightedness of my family helped me in becoming a balanced person. I offered many voluntary services in our community association. It would include activities like preparing lemonade and snacks for orphanages and old age homes. I would get a chance to visit old age homes and spend time with the elderly there.

As I grew up my association with the social cause also grew stronger. Being a student I realized the importance of education and wanted to educate someone who could not afford it. I have been actively involved with the Church. The authorities there told me about an orphan girl in the choir who wanted to continue with her studies but could not due to lack of funds. I went with my volunteer team and met the girl. Susan was an eight year old shy but intelligent girl. We worked out a plan where after my school I would go to the Church and teach Susan for an hour every day. Teaching was not new to me as I use to give tuitions in math’s and science. I arranged for some books and stationary for Susan. I could see the excitement and desire to learn clearly in her eyes. She was good at grasping new things. She loved reading books specially the ones with colorful pictures.

I was surprised by her willingness and perseverance; she was happy in whatever life had to offer. I never saw her crib about her difficult circumstances; a lesson all of us should learn. As time passed she got better in her subjects. On Saturdays I use to play basketball with her; she enjoyed the game. I believed that physical activity would keep her fit and sharpen her mind. My game also improved and I became the team captain of the girls basket ball team in my school. She appeared for a community scholarship exam and cleared it with good grade. The moment when I told her that she could go to a proper school was the most memorable moment for both of us.

Education is an empowering process; it gave Susan the ability to develop the passion and critical thinking. She had to give a presentation in her class about a person she loves the most. I was invited by her and she told the class that she found a loving and caring sister in me. Her teacher was impressed by her eloquence and diction. She offered to get Susan’s article published in the kid’s journal; I could see the pride of achievement in Susan’s eyes. The article had a picture of Susan and me reading.

After this I continued with the education initiative; every year the church would assign some children who could not study due to financial constraints. I would teach them for an hour everyday; education is the best service that one can give. In my small way I made a difference by educating. I have made a special education team for unprivileged kids. Along with my team members we give free education and assist the kids to get in proper schools. My parents were proud of my work and were happy to see their teachings being passed on to me. Susan is about to complete her high school and leads her school basketball team. At times I wonder there must be so many Susan’s waiting for somebody to help.

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