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I was born in a Muslim family. My parents after their marriage migrated to a new country. The religion of that country is Christianity. But the country is free and allows everyone to act upon their religion. Since my childhood, I have never felt any difficulty in practicing my own religion. With the passage of time, when I got admission in school, college, I came across many people of different religions. I had many friends of different religions. Among us, religion was never a part of a discussion or a matter of conflict. I and my friends respect each other’s religion.

Last Sunday my friend Liza, invited me to accompany her to the church for Sunday prayers. I accepted her request. I wanted to attend their sermon, but I never got a chance. Now when I got the chance I was very excited. I told my parents, and they also did not object. Islam is a religion that accepts and respects Christianity. There are many examples of Prophet Jesus in the Holy book of Islam.
So on Sunday when I woke up, got ready, I received a call from Liza, and I told her that I am ready. So within next five minutes she picked me, and we went towards the church. The church was fifteen minutes’ drive from our home.
There are two sects in Christianity, Catholic and Protestants (Milton, 2002.).
My friend being Catholic, she told me on her way that the churches for protestants and catholic, both are different. The interiors of both the churches are also different. We were going to Catholic Church.

Living in a Christian country, I have seen many Churches. I have seen from outside and never thought of what they would be from inside. When I stepped out of the car and into the premises of Church, I found that this is not just a building. They are usually constructed away from the main pollution living areas. It is a place where all come and stand in front of GOD, confess their crimes, pray for themselves and their dear ones. The Church construction is in such a manner that shows the love of the people towards its religion. Constructions of the Churches all over the world are with the same architect and interiors. But according to every country’s seasons, there are little modifications done in the designing of Churches. For example, the Britain Churches is the little bit different from those in America. The Spanish Churches are built according to their seasons (George Jell, 2005). But the basic outlook is the same. Whatever changes or modifications occurred in the designs, but the basic thing is that Church is a place where one can meet the GOD, and it is the home GOD.

First of all we entered the lobby of the Church. The lobby was so constructed, that it allows the full ventilation, and in winters it can ensure the entrance is warm enough that the people inside the Church feel comfortable. The lobby fascinated me very much. I liked the lobby because as soon as we entered the lobby, we could feel the soothing effect of the Church. It assured us that now we are away from the daily day to day chores and are in a peaceful place, and now one can mentally prepare themselves for the prayers. On our way to the main hall, there was a fountain of water. That fountain was considered to be sacred, and we all sprinkle the water over our clothes (Sadow., 1999). We sprinkled the water in a holy way, by making a cross. I did also the same as Liza was doing. From there, we entered the main hall. There were wooden benches. Liza told me that sometimes some people sit on their knees while praying; some stand and some sit. Whatever suits them, they pray in their own manner. But during the sermon of Father, all are seated on these wooden benches. On one side of the hall, there was a place that was different in shape. Liza told me that it is Baptistery (Schaff.p.540). The shape is like a womb, and Christians connect t to the womb of Mother Marry. All across the walls of the main hall were the crosses and below each cross there were the pictures of Jesus Christ and Mother Marry. While crossing these crosses I saw at the far end of the Church; there was a raised place a platform and that place was for the bishop. At this place, the bishop stands and addresses the people and delivers the sermon. Within no time, people gathered in the hall, the bishop came and started his sermon. All listened to it very quietly. And during the sermon, each and all were praying and asking for GOD’s mercy upon them. The whole gathering witness two things. One part was the teaching, which the bishop did, and second part was the praying and worshipping the GOD. During the teachings or the sermon, the bishop emphasized upon the living according to the life and way of Jesus Christ. The bishop during his sermon said that each and every individual should act and spend their life according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. At the end of the sermon, Liza showed me a confession room. It is a place where one confesses in front of bishop. There is a veil between the man and the bishop. Both do not know who they are.

After the prayers, we both came out of the Church. For me, it was a very pleasant day. I have learnt that all humans are equal and same. Everyone has the right to live according to their religion and every religion if followed in a true sense is the best in the world.


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