Feedback To Group Members Course Works Example

Sultan Alhagbani

You effectively contribute to my learning by showing me that one should never take things so seriously and that there is a need for some relaxation after any class session. You have taught me that learning should not always be associated with so much seriousness and strictness that we get lost in this world and forget about other aspects. In simple terms, you have helped me to find a balance between learning as well as having fun, socializing and cracking jokes. The high confidence that you have motivates me to be confident in everything that I do, socially when it comes to learning.

In terms of group contribution, you have similarly helped to instill a sense of confidence in every single one of us. The fact that you always have confidence in expressing yourself, even when you just want to crack jokes has inspired us to express ourselves fully during the group sessions. This has consequently led to very constructive group’s sessions where every individual member has given important points. I have always appreciated the huge sense of humor that you inject into the group. You never fail to lighten us up whenever we are feeling down as group’s members and indeed as members of this class.

I would like to encourage you to maintain your high sense of humor as I feel that it is one of the things that help this group to keep moving. I would also like to establish a way of sometimes expressing your ideas more seriously so that members can distinguish when you are being serious and when you are joking. I believe you can achieve this through constant practice.

Mohammed Almohaimeed

Mohammed, first of all, I admire the fact that you are very fast learner in the class. I also admire the fact that you are a very kind and respectable individual. You contribute to my learning by constantly asking questions about the things that are talked about in class and enabling me to synthesize and understand them better. It is not always easy to grasp the content taught in class at first instance, and the fact that your forward questions after the class enables me to reflect on the material taught and essentially understand it better. In addition, your utmost kindness and respect means that I can always approach you and ask questions about anything.

Mohammed, you are indeed one of the strong pillars of this group. You esteemed leadership skills have played a huge role in maintaining the solidarity and unity in the group. Through your actions and indeed through your interactions with other group members, you are always showing us how we should treat each other as group members. I particularly admire how you always step up to the occasion whenever a conflict or crisis threatens to disorient the group and remind us what brought us together. I also admire that you are always at the forefront of reminding us the group assignments weekly and ensuring that we answer every single question.
I would encourage you to build up even more on your leadership abilities. This is particularly in regards to the art of listening and understanding each group member even more. You can always adopt new techniques in teaching us as the group members how to tackle each and how to relate with each other better.

Traves Taylor

You are the kindest and most respectable person that I have come across in this group and indeed in this class. You have a very decent personality that makes you treat everyone that you come across with uttermost kindness and respect. These are, in fact, the features that distinguish you from the rest of your class members. I particularly like the way you treat us, particularly myself whenever I need to ask you question. This way you have positively contributed to my learning. Many people have the habit of shrugging off people when they try to ask them questions, particularly on something that they, for example, may not have understood in class. However, your extreme kindness when it comes to serving others is truly remarkable. This is the principle reason I find it so easy to approach you in case I have any questions regarding the class material and content. You have also helped me to speak in class with confidence by constantly encouraging me. You give confidence every day, especially when it comes to standing before the class and expressing my viewpoints and opinions. I can therefore, state that overall, you have improved my self-confidence and I am now always in a potion to confidently express myself before the entire class as well as in the group
When it comes to the group, you have a habit of listening to every group’s member without any form of discrimination or arrogance. I also admire the amount of respect that you accord every member of the group. I am speaking this from personal experience. I know that our group is made of individuals from different ethnicities and nationalities and these people can sometimes be overwhelmed by this diversity and ultimately lose respect for one another. However, you have consistently been an example of how much respect matters in every social setting. Through your constant respectable action, you have taught us that respect is indeed one of the most important attributes especially in a group setting.
I would encourage you to teach us even more as group members how to deal with criticism. You have taught us to be self-confident Traves, but I believe that you can help us even more by teaching how to deal constructively with criticism.

Kaitlyn Wineganer

Kaitlyn, you have contributed to my learning by teaching me how to effectively speak or express myself better and be comfortable in the course of my learning and study. You have taught me never to back away from asking questions in class because of fear or lack of self-confidence. Since, self-expression is a key component of learning; you have helped me to instill confidence when expressing myself and, therefore, improved my overall learning capabilities and skills.

Kaitlyn, you are the best leader that this group could ever ask for. Your collaboration of humor and seriousness as the leader of the group has enabled us as the group members to see how to be good managers. You are always willing to listen to every group member and take into consideration every input especially in regards to group assignments. You are always willing to step up and lighten the group up when things get tense and remind us that things should not be that serious after all. You also help every group member to speak up more and be comfortable to state his or her views and opinions and, therefore, lead to overall good results in the group
As the official leader of the group, your leadership has been satisfactory but there is always room for improvement. Use more techniques to make sure that each group member contributes equally. Take time to talk to group members who may be lagging behind and teach them to keep up with the rest of the group members. If you do this, I believe that our group has the potential of being the best in the class.

Angela Betts

Angela, you are one of the best classmate and group member that anyone could ask for. As one of the smartest individuals in the class as well as in the group, you have contributed to my learning by always sharing your smartness with me. You have helped me understand some of the things that the professor has taught in class and that yourself have understood. You listen to my questions very patiently and help me understand things that I have not understood.

Angela, your overall contribution to the group is also exemplary. You always come with answers to the questions and assignments that appear to trouble us as a group. The fact that you never back away from speaking in the group is a key contributor to the success of the group. I also admire the fact that you are always willing to listen to very member on the group when it comes to answering questions. Even in questions that appear to have no straight forward answers, we know that we can always rely on you to take into consideration everyone’s opinion and viewpoint and construct a single answer that is representative of every member’s view. In simple terms, you are officially the brain of the group and without you; this group would not be as successful in completing its projects.
I would advise you Angela to continue with your kindness and good heartedness. Never let your smartness hinder you from helping others. You can always learn new techniques of helping others grasp class content and material as you usually do. Come up with more ideas when it comes to group projects and teach us how to come up with brilliant ideas of ourselves.

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