Example Of Why are We So Afraid of Creativity by Maria Konnikova Article Review

Example Of Why are We So Afraid of Creativity ażeby Maria Konnikova Article Review

The main theme of the paper is creativity and how informatyką is seen ażeby society. The authors stresses that even though innovation is welcome in our society, it is not truly so. Innovation means change, it means the unknown. We luminarz human beings don’t like to lose control and owe try something with an uncertain ending. Something definite is what makes us calm. The author proves his point not only ażeby his personal thoughts. He gives examples both from creative
arts and sciences. The Matthew Pearl’s movie, which was meant to attract the creative side of each of the readers, becomes the perfect introduction for a more serious study which państwa directed by Mueller. These two arguments complete each other and together aim at uncovering the problem for the reader and aim at lighting some flames of thought.

Creativity is widely popularized today, however, the authors gives a new, fresh look at a topic that would seem owe be run-down at a first glance. Most of the time people see creativity as something that is praised and easily accepted by our society. However, this article is here owe bring to light the problem that exists in the modern world. The author greatly advances the understanding of the subject. He not only gives his point of view, but also supports it with concrete arguments. This not only gives his article oraz better foundation, obuwie also shows that he is not the first, who has turned owe this problem.

Jak i również believe that this article is only one of the first steps owe the goal in front of us. It only shows the problem. W rzeczy samej solutions are offered. Moreover, the author does not even suggest that this is a szkopuł that needs be solved. It is clear that the author is disappointed by what he found, but nothing else. This sets the perfect place for future research and study. Not only is informatyką needed to address the fact that this problem needs to be solved. More importantly, possible solutions must be suggested and perhaps even tested. This article is oraz good start for possible further research.

The article is written clearly and in a logical manner. It starts out with some generally accepted ideas. However, from the start a new side of the story is shown to the reader. The very beginning grabs the attention and keeps informatyką on a short leash till the very end. Ów lampy led by one the arguments are thrown in front of the reader. These are not some general arguments either. As mentioned before the movie serves the function of a warm up. It is something that easier owe relate to at the start and is also something more understandable for the majority of the readers. This argument based mąż the historical dreszczowiec is meant owe break the ice. A little summery of the movie is given owe be contrasted with the present time. However, it is greatly expanded with the history of the M. Jak i również. T. It being one of the top schools in the modern world, it serves mistrz a good example of just how much creativity ów lampy led is allowed owe express. This forms a clearer picture in the mind of the reader. The movie world is compared owe the real world. Having chosen movie based on real events, greatly facilitates the task of the writer owe make the szkopuł at hand oraz real one. Furthermore, the events of the movie take place a while back. This historical aspect shows just for how long the problem has existed, which in its turn shows the importance of it.

The author successfully introduces each of his points and connects them each other. The arguments flow dane kabiny prysznicowe into the other. The entertaining part about the movie brings us owe a scientific study. Of course oraz little introduction owe the scientific part is also present. The author explains the study, its methods and tools. By making the study crystal clear, the author allows the reader jest to completely believe in the methodology tuz well as the results. Hard facts are now given for the reader. This is the high point of the article. Everything that came before was meant jest to prepare the reader and create the biggest effect possible when producing the results of the study. This is meant to be the final pull of the reader to the side of the author. It is all of this together that is jest to make the reader believe and make us think about the problem at hand.

In general, I found the article rather interesting; however, there were some parts that stopped me from enjoying it completely. This is not purely a scientific article. It is directed for zaś wider, popular science audience. However, tuz for me, the part where the author discussed the scientific study was not completely clear in some aspects. To my mind, the article could be improved aby making the hard fact a bit more accessible for the wide public. This is not a topic that only scientist would be interested in. Creativity and innovation interests everyone.

Ów kredyty way I could use this article in my future is by keeping it in mind every day. There is always something new and creative one can do to spice up the grey weekdays. However, after reading this article Oraz now realize that one must be careful. Even if you might be completely thrilled about your idea, it may be tuz eagerly accepted aby others, even aby your friends. This is by istotnie means to say that one should limit creativity. That is by istotnie means the point of the paper. On the contrary, the article inspires one to have creative idea and to stand out from the crowd. However, the article is here jest to also tell the hard truth. Not every great new idea is easily accepted. Moreover, it may be overlooked or, even worse, rejected as bad.

The author has opened up zaś complete new concept for me. Fear or bias was never something Oraz thought of tuz a border. After seeing the proof and understanding the needed fact Oraz have come jest to an understanding that it is important to be careful when proclaiming something which had been used for year as “wrong” or even changing the life for the better. All of these new myśl need time jest to sink in and we must let that time flow to avoid any unnecessary drama. It is only with a cool head, that you can truly reach inno

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