example of vladmir lenin research paper

Example Of Vladmir Lenin Research Paper

Vladmir Lenin

Vladmir Lenin is one of the most significant revolutionary thinkers and a leading politician in the 20th C. He is the architect of the taking over power by Bolshevik in 1917, in Russia. He was born on 22nd of April in 1870 to a family that is well educated. At school, Lenin excelled. He went to study law at the university where he began thinking in a radical manner. His views and perceptions were also affected by his elder brother who was executed, since he was a member of an extremist group. Due to Lenin’ s radical policies, he was expelled from the university. However , he was able to finish his studies as an external student and became a professional revolutionary at St. Petersburg where he had moved to. Like many of his revolutionary politicians at the time, the government arrested and took him to exile in Serbia where he got married. While in Serbia, he managed to become one of the most prominent figures of an international revolution. He brought the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. He died aged 54 due to brain hemorrhage (Black, 39).
Lenin believed in Marxism and strongly propagated his revolutionary ideologies. He believed that force was necessary in the fight against capitalism by communists. He believed that such revolutions are followed by, at the very first stage, dictatorship of the proletariat. This facilitates movement towards communism. Lenin convinced most of the Marxists to embrace his ideology that turned down moral absolutism (Lenin, 52).

Lenin was also a good internationalist and completely backed world trend. He strongly thought that revolutionary socialism will automatically prospect to a blending of nations plus finally a planet state. He had been thus against federalism and strongly strongly suggested to have an unitary condition that is central (Lenin, 17)
He or she was against imperialism and strongly thought in the independence to self-determination. In this particular sense, he highly supported the nationwide wars of freedom that he called as essential for the particular minority groups within order to perform away with socialist states.

Lenin was also spread Semitism. He stated that the enemies from the people in the particular Russian empire are usually the capitalists plus not the Jews. According to your pet, between the Jews had been hardworking people. In order to him, the functioning people between the Jews formed almost all. They will should, therefore, be observed as brothers plus sisters that are oppressed by capitalism.

Lenin also thought in democracy associated with the majority. Lenin criticized the type of democracy worked out in the Usa States and known to it being a sham of the particular capitalist.

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