Example Of Universal Ethical Rules Essay

Every day we face with situations in which we should make choice. It can be connected with different sphere of life: what clothes to wear, what book to read or what profession to choose. But sometimes our choice is invisible for everybody and influential for ourselves. I mean the situation when we have an inner conflict between what we want to do and what we realize we should do.

Fundamentally, ethic principles are known as a base of life. Who set on these principles? Must people follow them in every situation? My mother is a teacher. We have a stormy relationship, but I’ve decided to follow her footsteps. So, I’m interested in her job and sometimes ask her about looking through her pupil’s tests. One day I saw keys for my future test in her files. I didn’t know what to do. On the one hand, I had to give it to my mother. On the other hand, I could make copy and sent it to my classmates. Accordingly to different ethical models my situation can be considered in different ways.
Of course in some situations the choice is more difficult. Believe it or not, some professions are forced to deal with ethical problems. Medical deontology shows the ethical doctor’s principles. For example, doctors should observe medical confidentiality, take responsibility for the life and health of the patient, and in some cases make the decision about an euthanasia. Not only does the doctor make a choice between ethics and morals, but he also saves human’s life. Up to a point, there are different ethical principles for various professions.

Broadly speaking, it’s hard to find the universal ethical rules which people must use in every situation. When you make choice, you have ‘for’ and ‘against’ parts. It’s important to combine already known ethical principles with your own morals and choose the right alternative.

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