Example Of Training-Research Course Work

Example Of Training-Research Course Work

One of these certifications is the National Strength and Conditioning Association (
NSCA). It państwa founded in early 1978. It has two certifications; Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist which were accredited in 1985 and Certified Personal Trainer which państwa accredited in 1993 (Bates, 2008). This certification has the most challenging exams in the Obok. S and ów lampy is required owo have a four year degree from a recognised konserwatorium to sit for their exams. Its main strengths are: it only allows institutions which offer a degree programmes making it popular because of its high quality assessments, every student who register for exams gets $25 discount fee, the academic departments from their recognised institutions receive $25 for students registered for exams, it has free website and newspapers which enable students to get more information about informatyką and offers job opportunities to people accredited by informatyką (Heyward, 2006). The main weaknesses which make some of the institutions jego for other certifications are: applications are reviewed twice per year on January and June (Heyward, 2006). Therefore, the institutions are not certified any other time except during these two periods of the year, its two levels of recognition applied curriculum and research curriculum makes informatyką difficult for many institutions to get a chance of being enrolled.

The other certification is The American College of Sports Medicine which was formed in 1954. It uses clinical approach for fitness in most cases rather than practical. For dane kabiny prysznicowe to be eligible for their exams, he/she should have a college degree. It allows certifications for personal training and professions provided they have acquired a degree (Heyward, 2006). Its main strengths are: informatyką establishes exercise guidelines to its students, integrates researches which are scientific, educates and gives practical applications especially scientific to its students. The main weakness is that informatyką is only concerned with medical fitness only.

The other certification is The American Council on Exercise. It was formed in 1985 and offers personal trainer certificates for beginners or old-school fitness trainers. It has many certifications including group fitness instructor, lifestyle and weight management coach certification, advanced health and fitness specialist certification and personal trainer certification (Heyward, 2006). The main strengths are: it develops and distributes publications to its clients, offers online courses; it started natomiast campaign against obesity especially in children and educates people about the importance of good health (Heyward, 2006). The next certification is The Athletic Certification Training Commission. In this, you are able to take certification free of charge. Examinations are taken free and textbooks then you come to take exams. This is the main strength of this certification because many people can afford informatyką. The main weakness is that informatyką takes somebody’s knowledge rather than considering accreditations and certifications.

In conclusion, body exercise is necessary for good health of an individual especially those who are obese. It assists to develop somebody’s brain and relieve stress (Heyward, 2006). For good body fitness, one should choose a good trainer who has been certified żeby an authorised pośrednik. The individual should meet the qualification of a degree from authorised konserwatorium.


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