example of theoretical background essay

Example Of Theoretical Background Essay


Traditionally, Islam has been standing on guard against the proliferation of sexual depravity. Together with other fundamental religions, the Quran and its commentaries strongly prohibit ' untraditional' sexual relationships both, inside and outside the matrimony. Kecia argues that traditional schools of the Islamic law describe any homosexual act as sinful and punishable (Kecia, 79). The majority of countries, where Sharia law regulates social order, define homosexuality as legally or socially persecuted (and many of them the both restraints are in force). In the most orthodox countries, like Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia any homosexual intercourse is punishable by the death penalty. The practice demonstrates that the overwhelming majority of Muslim countries oppose any move to the advanced further popularization of LGBT rights and privileges, which are traditionally brokered by the United Nations Organization and the Western World.
The purpose of this essay is to discuss classic and contemporary Islamic interpretations of Quran and other sacred texts in the context of homosexuality and other sexual deviations. In particular, this paper seeks to advocate that the ideas of LGBT, freedom of sexual experiments, and other unnatural types of sexual intercourse are alien to the true believers of Allah, and that Islam is one of the most effective tools in terms of protecting the humanity from the advent of perverted civilization, global depravity, and sexual chaos. To be more specific, this paper highlights that not a single sexual deviation is tolerated by Quran, and no exceptions are achievable in this respect. Any make an effort to get back together homoeroticism with Quranic legal thought is definitely invariably doomed. Moreover, the focus associated with this paper is definitely made from the particular recently released scandalous movie A Jihad For Love, whilst theoretical interpretations associated with the Prophet Prophet and his supporters legacy are structured on Don' big t Ask Don' big t Tell: Same-Sex Closeness in Muslim believed.

Many varieties of untraditional sexual activity are recognized by the particular Islamic scholars since sinful and, consequently , severely punishable. Included in this are illicit sexual activity in between a male plus female, anal love-making between two men, with livestock, along with a female new person, the practice associated with tribadism (when the particular role of the particular man is changed with a woman). Moreover, primary is made upon the undeniable fact that the particular list of prohibited sexual practices is not really giving an inclusive way. Different students identify from seventeen to hundred intimate enormities, which can easily be potentially worked out by people (Kecia 2006, 76-77). The particular scholars specifically concentrated on listing all of them because their major mission is in order to inform the visitors of any behave, which is realized as an scale the voice associated with the Lord Almighty.
It is very important supply a distinction in between a homosexual identification and an informal homosexual relationship. The particular first one purports innate, biological inclinations of an person to enter directly into a sexual or even romantic relationship with all the same-sex partner. The 2nd one means an intermittent (or regular) intimate act, committed with the same-sex partner to be able to receive sexual satisfaction only while looking for to marry the particular partner of another gender. The views of Islamic thinkers relating to these two concepts are different. The second one is typically tolerated, when a person, who engaged in such type of relationships experiences some form of social hardships. The first one is always condemned and should never be tolerated by the community.
As argued by Kecia, “ Feminine egocentrism received comparatively little scholarly attention in Islam (Kecia, 80). In the few cases, where the females are mentioned, the discussion revolves around the axis of the appropriate punishment for their wrongdoings. In contrast to unnatural sexual relationships between the males, no deliberations in the sharia court was whether on whether the woman should be held accountable ever take place – the court simply identifies the methods of punishment or ' ordaining', as prescribed by several verses of Quran
However , some contemporary scholars spoke about the way Quran presents the concept same-sex relationships. In particular, some scholars advocate the idea that the Holy Scripture is sharply explicit in its vocal condemnation of any homosexual relationships, leading practically no loophole for theoretical speculations of sexual intercourses in Islam, while others decide that in any part of Quran not a single explicit prohibition can be found. Furthermore, the revolutionist Islamic thinkers argue that the Holy Scripture addresses particular acts only, remaining silent about homosexual identities and innate desires. Therefore, their message is that hypothetically, there are some platforms, which may allow same-sex people to engage in unnatural relationships, if some sort of scholarly interpretation of their acts is created (Kecia, 81).
Some scholars talked about the possibility associated with using the Work Commandments as the particular ways of social persecution (Kecia, 92). The particular works of different religious activists all advocate the idea that will the prohibition associated with unnatural sexual serves should not end up being positioned because the information of prosecuting or even judging. Only experience testimony or private confession from the charged is sufficient to determine probable cause for even more investigation of the particular matter and penalties from the wrongdoers simply by the state. Those people, who choose impunity, will handle the particular consequences of their particular perverted behavior within the afterlife, whenever they will end up being held accountable just before the God upon the Judgment Time. The most essential meaning of the information is that those people, who managed to engage in any forms of untraditional sex intercourse secretary, will not be absolved from consequence.
In general, theoretical framework of Islam on this subject has many sizes, but the prevalent idea is that under no circumstances untraditional intercourses between males, women or involving pets is legitimized within the light associated with Quran as well as other O Scriptures. Furthermore, the particular evolution of Islamic thought on homosexuality is continual. In order to be more particular, the medieval thinkers argued that below some circumstances not naturally made relationships between the particular males or women were possible whenever driven by organic instincts. Nowadays, they will are prohibited below all circumstances, in the context of the homosexual identity or even impulsive attempt in order to gratify ones sex-related instincts.

Challenging the most popular view

Some scholars speculated regarding the chance of legitimizing untraditional sexual intercourses in between men or females under exceptional situations, like an armed forces campaign or other people. However, the overpowering majority of Muslim scholars in common, and for Ibn Hajar, in specific, this question is definitely of ludicrous character:

“ Any kind of type of the licit same-sex connection ought to be understood since a categorical impossibility” (Kecia, 2006, 78).

However, within the light associated with some unorthodox modern interpretation of the particular divine law, several self-identified queer Islamic theoreticians started in order to challenge this look at. They attempted to assert that sexual positioning is granted simply by the divinities, plus, therefore, some kind of religiously legitimate relationships involving the 2 same-sex people might be hypothetically set up. Although these concepts received some reputation the United Areas, the vast vast majority of the conservatively oriented Islamic planet subjected this look at severest kinds of critique. Rejecting this state, Kecia argues that will:
‘ The particular fact, that several Muslims have involved in homoerotic activities does not always mean it is carefully legitimate to perform so. ’ (Kecia 2006 80)
Several verses of Quran, as well since many legal commentaries articulated that not zina, nor any kind of other sexual variants, except the conventional ones, are allowed for your true believers (Kecia, 2006, 83).

A Jihad for Love plus Its Significance

Although there are several irreconcilable tensions in between the conservatively concentrated Christians, Muslims, plus Jews, they have got typical ground with regards to their particular aggressive disdain intended for any forms associated with homosexuality and lesbianism as types associated with deviant behavior. Islam is known for the utmost intolerance to the forms of intimate depravity, and most gay individuals yarning intended for acceptance within their particular families and residential areas are shunned plus reviled. The major message sent simply by " A Jihad for Love" is definitely that preaching Islam and remaining freely gay or lesbian porn is possible. The particular cultural significance associated with this artistic item is underestimated, since it is the first noted attempt of the particular Muslim community in order to speak about homosexuals and lesbians. This highlights that in search of love and pleasure these people endure incredible pain, solitude, wrath and disapproval off their closest close friends and relatives.
The title associated with the movie might be somehow complicated for a common spectator. Jihad is definitely popularly presented simply by the media since a holy battle waged by the particular Muslims against the particular Western World whilst in reality it indicates “ struggle”. The particular context of this particular movie signifies that will open lesbian plus gay members associated with the society fervently struggle to have got their sexual inclinations reconciled using their loyalty and sincere assistance to Allah Almighty. In their tries to vindicate intimate misbehavior before the particular eyes of the particular conservative religious neighborhood, they actively consider to reshape typical religious wisdom. For example, Muhsin Hendricks, who had been an acknowledged college student of Islam plus Imam, spreading the field of Allah in S. africa, plunged into energetic deliberations about Sodom and Gomorrah. Becoming an open gay themself, he highlighted how the destruction of these cities should end up being understood as keen castigation and disapproval of rape, yet not as the particular formal reproach associated with the same-sex interactions. His opponents strongly criticized him, contacting an apostate plus emphasizing that within Islam not just his crime can be punishable by demise, but also any kind of attempts to vindicate it in the particular divine context since well.
Various other protagonists of this particular movie experienced severe hardships as properly. In general, the particular communities, where Islam is the superior religion rejected all of them. To illustrate, Mazen, who had been convicted plus imprisoned in the particular Egyptian jail to get his sexual values, confessed that their sexual orientation compelled him to flee the particular France, fearing retaliation from the Orthodox Muslims. He informed, that he acquired been raped within the prison plus, he " had been lucky to obtain out alive". A good interesting motive can be traceable in the tale – Orthodox Muslims, who raped your pet in prison, do not consider their particular act of rape as something contrary to the postulates of Islam : they considered this as being a mere penalties. Hence, they need to not be kept accountable before the particular Lord, whereas Mazen was guilty mainly because he liked plus desired to have got intercourses with the particular males.
Nevertheless, not just external issues with all the community, yet internal conflicts along with the personal personal are emphasized simply by the movie companies. For instance, Maryam a female from Morroco, who lives within France, sincerely is convinced that within the the grave she will end up being severely punished simply by Allah for the girl intimate relationships along with a female companion from Egypt. The lady realizes that Allah and Prophet Prophet strictly prohibited any kind of forms of sex-related relationships between the particular ladies and that the lady is doomed in order to eternal punishment within the afterlife. On this life, she can be virtually tortured simply by her love and by her religious obligations. In fact, if she is ever taken by the Sharia law enforcement authorities a terrible punishment awaits her.
The message sent by A Jihad for Love is apparent – openly gay and lesbian Muslims suffer enormously. Their love is oftentimes punishable by death, and in case the authorities failed to catch them, internal conflict between desire to function Allah in the way they are supposed to serve and biological instincts gets impossible to deal with. These people are actually already punished by their deviation, and castigated them further is neither humane nor productive.

Discussion and conclusion

The problems of the today' h Muslim world have been seriously aggravated by the rising quantity of lesbians and gays. The religion has to react somehow, and nowadays the most popular reaction is condemnation and punishment. In contrast to other religions, Islam is known with regard to its strong discipline and intolerance to violations of almost all commands of the Lord.
Presently there are explicit verses of Quran and other sources of Islam, which declared that any sexual partnership between same-sex partners contravenes the will of Allah, and, therefore , should be punished by his faithful adepts. The life of all those, who try to reconcile their Belief, and unnatural adore becomes torturing – they are declined by the community and the majority of them feel that they will be castigated in the afterlife. Although some attempts to preach Islam, while being openly gay have been created by Muhsin Hendricks, the criticism of his highly reliable opponents made their campaign ineffective plus poorly supported. Not his nor the particular voice of their was heard.
Hence, Islam needs to be as regarded since the final and the particular most effective approach to protecting our world from the pass on of unrestricted lewdness cultivated in the particular Western communities. Islam and homosexuality are usually completely incompatible problems, and the genuine believers should possibly abandon their not naturally made drives or depart the hands associated with Allah.

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