example of social network exploitation term paper

Example Of Social Network Exploitation Term Paper

Analysis of social network exploitation

The 21st century has been characterized by a significant development in technology. Due to innovations and inventiveness, humans have come up with modern tools that are geared towards making life better as compared to the ancient times. In almost all fields, technology has replaced the old methods through which things were done. Day in day out, there is always an invention that is made. The technology seems to be getting better and better as days pass. Whatever was the best technology a decade ago has been replaced by other technologies that are superior, both in nature and application. Technology seems to be taking shape in almost all fields. Whether in communication, transport, education and other fields, new products are being produced on a daily basis, with the aim being simplifying the manner in which human beings carry out things. There seems to be no end to the development of new technology, since after each day, a new product is developed that is better than what was produced the day before. Technology is, in most cases, associated with making the human life simple (Qualman et al. 56). However , sometimes it may turn out to have negative effects, to the detriment of humanity and human beings.

Nowhere has the technology in communication been embraced like in corporations. The quick nature through which information is spread through social networks such as twitter and face book has seen a major change in the manner that companies and corporations make their own communications. When compared to the ancient times, the development of the networks plays an important role in uniting members of the same corporation. Past mechanisms of communications incorporated memos and characters. These were inefficient in that the message took a lot of time to be delivered and there was clearly no assurance that it could become received. However , the introduction of the social networking makes it easy for supervisors and employees to communicate in a matter of mere seconds, regardless of the geographical position 1 is.

There is a new trend that offers seen corporate adopting the social networking to make communications to their employees. Whereas twitter and face book were initially used at an individual level, corporations possess embraced this technology and have invested to ensure their communications are channeled via this mechanism. The recent past offers seen increasingly more corporations applying this technology as compared to the analogy methods. However , amid almost all this hype related to the use of social networking and networks to make the communications, there are a number of challenges that come out. Nowhere have these challenges found the perfect platform than in the corporate sector. There are serious concerns that are related to these forms of communication as pertains to the corporations and in a few times, problems that need to become amicably solved possess emerged. Some of these concerns include that over the asymmetry of privacy loss, the building and privatization of an ever-richer data profile of users, and the overall exploitation of customers enabled by conditions of service contracts that enforce splitting up and which come back the labor associated with individual users being an alien force towards them. These complications have put the particular corporations in horrible problems without their particular knowledge or their particular intention to end up being bound. All of this is expected to the lack of knowledge that they have got towards the conditions and terms of using the particular networks.

In most all cases, the companies used the public media to reach personal information about the particular employees. This, within the real feeling is unethical plus leads to insufficient privacy. Employers, for example, can access the face area book timeline of the employees and keep track of the kind associated with content they blog post. This also occurs in twitter. It could be very wrong for your corporations to keep the employees accountable for such content since they hinder an individual’ ersus privacy. Censoring the data they can dread also causes dread one of the employees plus as such, this might lead to the particular infringement of the particular right to reflection. Such information may also be gathered to phase competition against various other corporations that take part in similar goods plus services.

The most common problem that is encountered on a regular basis due in order to the social mass media is the fact that of shedding privacy. Through the particular social media, it is very easy to get people to talk about personal and personal details. Sharing of details is, in alone, not a poor thing, so since to say. Nevertheless, problems often occur when the details shared is too much. Through such an activity, a person, or rather a company stands a chance to reveal even the information they would deem to be private and confidential to the public. The easiness through which information will be accessed in the social media, it sometimes becomes difficult to control or prevent people from having an access to the information. Whereas the information could be important and essential to the employees, there is a probability that it could fall to people with ill intentions to the corporations. This would, in essence, put the corporation in an awkward position as they would have to look for mechanisms to counter the possible effects (Ramzan et al 89). This problem has caused panic among many corporations among discovering that the information they discussed has been used against them effectively.
Corporations have created their own websites and pages in the social media such as face book and twitter. Strictly speaking, they do this with a good intention so as to ensure that the public can get the correct information about the corporation. The challenge that arises will be when the competitors, with regard to instance, plot to uses the information against the corporation. Face book provides a platform to share views and give comments on a specific issue that has been posted online. Competitors, for instance, could decide to impersonate themselves and give vulgar comments in the corporation’ h page. In essence, this will not go well with the advocates of the corporations and could see it being negatively affected

The biggest danger that the sociable media presents is usually that of the particular accounts being hacked. Within the modern periods, hacking is becoming mainly because simple as obtaining the username of the particular account. When this particular happens, two items may result. Very first, the owner associated with the account might lose entry to the particular account. Losing accessibility is destructive within that one are unable to control whatever is taking place or is being posted in their accounts. Destructive information may be posted which may have the result of annoying and turning away the possible clients to the corporation. Second, the hackers could decide not to bar the owner from having access to the account. As such, they would have the log in details to use it in different ways to destroy the corporations. By having the account’ s details, they would have a perfect opportunity to learn of the communications that the corporation makes. By this, they would have an access to some information that the corporations would not otherwise disclose to other people. This hinders the privacy and may result to some difficulties in the running and management of the corporation.

Social media also has other challenges such as the general exploitation of users enabled by terms of service agreements that enforce separation and which return the labor of individual users as an alien force against them. In most cases, the users of the social media networks do not go through the terms and conditions of service. As such, they may not be aware of the effects that may become brought up simply by some clauses that will they are unaware of. As very much as you might be blamed associated with ignorance, the truth is that several users make that will extra effort in order to go through the particular conditions and terms.
Within conclusion, just as much as technologies has been appreciated because of the positive impacts, individuals should take extreme care not to end up being caught off safeguard. Privacy is the particular key challenge that will is users from the social media encounter. People ought in order to be careful on which they post otherwise it would end up being misinterpreted and set all of them in problems.

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