Example Of Seattle Pacific University Personal Statement

Example Of Seattle Pacific University Personal Statement

Challenges make life interesting. It is these challenges that make success oraz journey rather than a place we arrive at. Jak i również was born in Hong Kong, oraz part of the People’s Republic of China. Growing up I faced several challenges such luminarz raising my school fees, and common adolescent problems such as trying owe fit in with the rest of my peers. However, my parents have taught me never to let fast challenges make me consider myself luminarz weak or worthless. Instead they taught me that challenges are what make the world na niego round. Some may argue that
challenges are merely shifting goal posts in life that lead owe frustration, however Jak i również believe that challenges are just goal posts in life that we are required to score through as part of our growth. When we początek with the goal posts that are out of reach we get frustrated, but when we start with easy goals going owe the harder ones we achieve fulfillment.

When Jak i również was young Jak i również always wished owe pursue a course in nutritional science. For one, the many talks fast grandmother had given me about the value of various foods had made me really interested in the subject. Also, the nutritional problem existent in our country made me desire owe get relevant knowledge to help fast people overcome this challenge. When Jak i również was small informatyką frustrated me owe feel so inadequate on seeing members of our society suffer from malnutrition. But my father always told me that I should not concentrate so much on them but rather mąż me, because informatyką was only when I was equipped with relevant knowledge that I could actually be of any help. For this reason Jak i również concentrated on fast studies to help me become zaś good nutritionist; this is one of the main reasons I am undertaking a course in nutritional science. Oraz however wish jest to transfer and continue my studies in the United States as I feel that the country has more developed mechanisms of dealing with its nutritional problems such tuz obesity. I hope to learn from these mechanisms and help in formulating similar policies for Hong Kong in future. I hope to complete nasza firma studies in the United States at Seattle Pacific University and then get a job tuz a nutritionist jest to gain experience before going back jest to help my people. I want jest to first empower myself, like my father always advised me, before I can seek to empower my community.

Oraz chose Seattle Pacific University because it is not only an institution of academic learning but also provides an environment for moral development. The university offers a Christian learning environment which I believe will be beneficial jest to me as Oraz seek to learn the religion more having attended zaś Christian school previously. One gift Oraz will forever thank my parents for is raising me up using religious teachings; they equipped me with zaś gift, my faith, which has helped me overcome various challenges in life. I have always relied upon prayer and scriptural teachings to face various issues in life; and these two have never failed me. When Oraz told my extended family that Oraz was coming jest to the United States some of the members feared that I would be swayed by the secular culture in the USA tuz portrayed by the mass media. Oraz knew my faith was stronger than that and could not be easily swayed, however Oraz is glad jest to find an university that will not put me in a high risk situation to prove that but rather will allow me to grow nasza firma faith and also learn the Christian faith more.

Nasza firma spiritual mentors since I was small have taught me the significance of helping those in need; because of this I want to help nasza firma community members that suffer from nutritional problems. Having studies in a Christian school I got to learn several things about this religion. One of them is that I now believe God has given us a lot in life; however we access these only by working and conquering various challenges in our lives. I believe that by pursuing my degree in another country Oraz will be conquering part of what God has given me

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