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Response Essay "Jane Eyre" – The Emerging Feminist Self

Primary to understanding first, the novel "Jane Eyre" and, second, following the eloquently expressed reading on the subject of the novel's protagonist is the dire need for having a fundamental understanding of the times the author lived. Understanding the limitations of every woman of that era who maintained a superficial no matter her social status, education, and sense of self, she remained almost invisible in the world run by men. This academic response to "A Dialogue of Self and Soul: Plain Jane's Progress" reading focuses on how the characterization of Jane forms the underpinnings of the fundamental angst experienced by women such as Bronte and the emerging feminist self of this era.
Jane Eyre in so many ways represents the psyche and soul of Bronte. The reading of "A Dialogue" then evokes an assumption that Jane Eyre is to an extent some intrinsic part of her creator Charlotte Bronte. This blueprint of a 19th century feminist emerges in the character of Jane. In fact, "A Dialogue" so successfully juxtaposes the reader into the world of Jane (aka Bronte) an understanding of depth of frustration emerges of the unfulfilled humanity of females such as Jane Eyre represents in this early feminist approach to life.
Jane's feminism represented in her devout independence, her stability in the face of familial anarchy directed at her, her intelligence about her deepest longings combined with a moral gauge fitting her needs in a society where morality hung like a funeral, pallor over the female citizenry comes into clear view after reading "A Dialogue" The layered explanation of this reading offers about the particularities of an intelligent woman encumbered by psychological, emotional, and social parameters resolves into not only a literary epiphany but also, a sociological. From this perspective, an assumption emerges that, Jane collectively represents the unfulfilled spirit of more women of that era than anyone with compassion may want to think. In fact, in retrospect, this story is an earlier representation of the same social limitations on women as Kate Chopin's "The Awakening". This reference connects to the unfulfilled feminine force of the main female characters of both stories represent.
Thus, the clear value of "A Dialogue" creates a sense of Jane's character less literary and more sympathetic from a modern point of view. The fact this novel found immediate success among the Victorian women when it published mid-19th century speaks volumes about the evolution of the female psyche at this period in history. The connection between feminist ideals then and in the 21st century looks at the lack of humanity women experience. Jane's dilemmas throughout her tale, as clarified by "A Discourse" centers on the inhumanity of her state in life as a female carried out in this novel. The same is true of feminist ideals in the 21st century without the specific agendas of the global feminist activities dependent on religion, culture, and race.
The ability of this novel's continued ability for capturing the respect of 21st century readers "is" the humanity of this story. The humanity of feminist ideals pour from the pages connected to every nuance of Jane's character. Truthfully, until reading and now responding to "A Dialogue" this profundity remained far less clear than now. Life's tests emerge Jane's character in the dramatic challenging her sense of self and humanity aligned to her integrity. As with all people possessing a sense of their own integrity, Jane's challenge includes balancing this fundamental aspect of her character when confronted with the conflicts connected to herself all focuses on realizing an inner contentment. Jane's story also centers on her ongoing search for the freedom of autonomy and nowhere does the feminist principle come forth so clearly (after reading "A Dialogue") then in this sense of her story.
Freedom to Jane, as it is for every human, remains a personal journey of finding what that means. Shackled by the societal chains imposed on every female of the era, gives a different perspective on the sense of freedom Jane searches understanding. Symbolically, Rochester surely liberates her passions through the expression of her feelings this man evokes within her. Her intelligence on the other hand, causes her to look at how such passion without its own boundaries can enslave her in ways yet realized if she chooses becoming his mistress. The loss of her sense of integrity and dignity makes Jane realize the price is too dear. Her feminist ideals win over the passion of mere feelings.

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