example of point of view assignment essay

Example Of Point Of View Assignment Essay

There is a natural ebb and flow of people. People stand in a slow moving river that flows with time. Like a busy cafeteria, there is an upbeat hustle and bustle here and there, to and fro. This place is not a destination for many them, it is merely a stop-off to somewhere else. Inside a Starbucks coffee outlet are smells of different brews being made for customers. The place has an earthy feel because there are dark, wooded colors. Some people come and order their coffee and then they quickly leave to wherever they are going. For some this is a destination. They sit at tables and lean over laptops, the majority of them Apple Macbooks. There are three employees manning the counter. They are all young, either in their final years of high school or their first year of college. A young child holds his mother’ s hands and peers into a glass case containing different sweets. There is the sound of women’ s high heels on the wooden floor. Clouded light from the window penetrates the glass and creates shadows within the store. Prominent is the woman inside the green Starbucks logo.
There is clatter and commotion. Everyone is in a hurry. No one is noticing anyone else. They are lost in the world of their smart phones. Everyone is lost in the sounds coming from their headphones. The scents of coffee brewing and pastries is overwhelming. People are impatient because this is not a destination for most of them, it is merely a place they are stopping off along the way. The lighting is too sharply contrasted. Light from the window is bright, but further in the store the light is dim, creating a stark contrast. Three employees manning the cash register and taking orders seem too young to be competent in their job. A child smudges the glass of pastries with dirty hands. The floor has been left with dozens of dirty footprints from people who did not bother to wipe their shoes at the door.

Rhetorical Analysis

I begin the first paragraph using a metaphor that compares the line of people waiting to get coffee to a river. The word choice I use in the first sentence reflects this metaphorical comparison, by using the words “ ebb” and flow. ” This is to set up a positive feeling for the place that is being described. I want this paragraph to flow like a river that it is being compared to. I also incorporate similes by stating that the cafe is “ like a busy cafeteria. ” I use word choices evoke a sense of nature and calm, such as “ earthy feel, ” “ wooded colors, ” and “ clouded light. ” I use the word ‘ upbeat’ to establish that any activity is positive rather than stressful or chaotic. I incorporate both showing and telling when I state that “ for some, this is a destination” (telling) and go on to describe people leaning over their laptops (showing). The explanation of a youthful child together with his mom who is taking a look at sweets is the small narrative that will brings an even more human element straight into the paragraph, plus evokes warm emotions in the audience.
In the particular second paragraph, I actually describe exactly the same location with a various point of watch. I use bothersome word choices for example “ clatter” plus “ commotion. ” I also make use of the means of informing again when explaining how distant plus hurried absolutely free themes are, simply by stating that they will are ‘ rushed, ’ ‘ dropped in their mobile phones and headphones, ’ and ‘ not really noticing anyone otherwise. ’ For making these types of statements, I inform the reader that will instead of viewing those who are happily heading about their time obtaining a coffee, individuals are in a rush plus are not conscious of what can be going on. I actually make use associated with more words that will evoke negativity or even harshness for example “ overwhelming, ” “ impatient, ” “ stark contrast, ” “ dirty fingers, ” and “ dirty footprints. ” I describe the particular child that I actually described in the particular first paragraph within a negative method by removing the particular warm human component of a sweet small boy holding their mother’ s hands and note just that he smudged the glass that will contains the pastries. Instead of explaining the clerks since youthful and well, I make the judgmental statement regarding their competence. I actually invoke descriptive vocabulary to produce my explanation from the physical features from the place adverse too, focusing upon how harsh plus bright the sunshine is, plus how dirty the particular floor is along with footprints, and also suggest that the particular clients are inconsiderate or even lazy by directed out that they will “ did not really bother” to clean their feet with the door.


Learning to explain things adequately is essential in order in order to be a well-developed person. One associated with the reasons that will language is helpful is it can move someone outside associated with their present time to elsewhere, true or imagined. Getting able to explain things well within writing is essential intended for a lot associated with jobs, since e-mail is a principal mode of conversation. It also can help form myself into a well-rounded individual and can cause me to feel a much better storyteller. In my opinion that will humans live with the level associated with their stories. Through the caves associated with our ancestors, towards the social media associated with today, all this is the means of conversation. Rather than making up descriptions in order to chance, rhetorical evaluation helps an article writer (and a reader) understand why a specific text makes the person feel the certain way. Rhetorical analysis allows the writer to believe about what words and phrases he/she is definitely, exactly what rhetorical devices he is employing plus why. It really is obtaining to the cardiovascular of not simply how language functions, but how human beings react to language. The better a person gets at using this tools, the clearer his/her meaning will be and the better they will be able to convey things. This is why these skills are good for life and they extend being this class, or this assignment or this grade. They will be useful for more of my life within order to connect efficiently and have got my meaning realized.

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