example of movie review on my stance on the film bamboozled

Example of Movie Review on My Stance On The Film Bamboozled

After viewing the film, I have a mixed take of what Spike Lee believes whether mass media outlets can be changed or that racial stereotypes will continue to be emphasized. The film argued both ways implicitly and explicitly where one could interpret the movie in both ways. The argument that mass media can be changed is represented by Sloane Hopkins, the assistant of Delacroix who was embarrassed to be associated with the minstrel show that was created. She even went to the extreme of pointing a gun at Delacroix to force him to see his racial misdeeds. The argument that leans on the idea that racial stereotypes will continue to be emphasized is evident in the success of the minstrel show (Mantan: The New Millennium Minstrel Show) which gained popular acceptance to the audience despite its excessive racial jokes that target African Americans. The humor used in the show is blatantly and offensively racial and yet it created a following in the film. The success of the show is so compelling that even Delacroix, the creator of the show, changed his position and attitude about Mantan: The New Millennium Minstrel& nbsp; Show. & nbsp; His initial motive in creating the show was to find an escape out of his contract by getting him fired through an offensive show he created. He thought that by creating a racist show, many would find it offensive and will get him fired which he thought to be an escape out of his contract. But instead, the show achieved the phenomenal success that will Delacroix changed their position and also embraced its achievement. The change associated with attitude of Delacroix towards Mantan: The particular New Millennium Minstrel& nbsp; Show implies the difficulty associated with changing advertising exactly where racial stereotypes may continue to end up being emphasized regardless of how individuals would attempt to alter it. The story of the film means that for simply because long as the particular show registers the high audience ranking, it will still run regardless when its show is definitely racially offensive or even inappropriate. The movie communicates the actuality that the showbiz industry is nevertheless driven by the particular profit motive plus not by ethnicity equity or ethnicity propriety.

My own take within the film is definitely that advertising shops should be transformed because racial stereotypes still continue in order to be emphasized. A single should not acknowledge or yield towards the economic reality that will audience rating may dictate what type of show that will will be shown. You should consider the particular effect of a film on the team of people which it is marginalizing. Regarding Mantan: The particular New Millennium Minstrel& nbsp; Show, its success is founded on deriding people of colour particularly African Us citizens. It is not really directly to have enjoyable and laugh with the expense associated with another. Just since it achieves the high rating, this does not always mean that individuals need to accept it. We all could find different ways to entertain individuals, do satire, make humor, and have got fun without walking on additional groups of individuals. We just possess to be innovative and work more difficult.

True, the particular ugly racial stereotypes in advertisements, Television shows, and films nevertheless continue to penetrate regardless of the increasing focus on diversity, addition, tolerance, and equal rights. But with no conscious effort to finish this, there will become no hope that will the content associated with media will be better. The particular audience should need better shows. When the audience may dictate that these people no more find racially charged humor humorous, the media may certainly change.

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