example of don cornelius soul train and mass communication research paper

Example Of Don Cornelius, Soul Train And Mass Communication Research Paper

Don Cortez Cornelius, popularly known as Don Cornelius, was a television show creator, host, disk jockey and producer. He was widely known for creating the dance and music franchise called Soul Train. Soul Train, a long-running syndicated entertainment program was critical in increasing Black American music and culture to the world and providing exposure to several upcoming artistes at the time. Don Cornelius was the host of Soul Train from 1971 till 1993. He was married twice and raised two sons. The paper will explore the life of Don Cornelius, the growth and impact of the Soul Train show and the role of the media in fuelling success both individually and collectively (McKinley, 2012).

Early Life

Don Cornelius was born on 27th September 1936 in Chicago’ s South Side in Chicago, Illinois. He spent his early years in the Bronzeville neighborhood. He attended DuSable High school until his secondary education completion in 1954 after which he joined the United States Marine Corps. During his service with the military, he served for two years in Korea. After his time in the military, he engaged in various jobs such insurance, as a car salesman and as a police officer with the Chicago Police Department. He married Delores Harrison in 1956. The couple had two sons, Antony and Raymond. In 1966, despite being in a financial downtime, he quit working and instead enrolled in a media school where he undertook a broadcasting program. The 3-month program helped him to comprehend the working associated with mass media (Bio, 2015).

The Inception of Spirit Train

After finishing his broadcast research, he was provided work by WVON, a Chicago-based stereo station. His work responsibilities were because an announcer, alternative disk jockey plus news reporter. Right after his short stint with WVON, this individual joined WCIU-TV, the Chicago-based television train station, in 1967 exactly where he was the particular host the tv show ‘ The Black’ s Look at of the News’ and also the sports anchor (Bio, 2015). His period in the press opened up Put on Cornelius to the particular fact that right now there was little method for soul songs on television channels. During his period at the train station, he pitched the particular idea of the music television display which was aimed with increasing nice plus reach of African-american American music. Put on Cornelius was capable to secure the sponsorship cope with Pep boys, Roebuck and Firm to start the particular show. The station’ s owners natural lit the display and in 1970 this program called Spirit Train was released on the train station. The show shown daily on WCIU-TV with Don Cornelius as the sponsor.
Soul Teach aired on Weekend mornings with the particular majority of the particular audience comprising associated with teenagers and kids from all qualification. The show shown performances by artistes in the spirit, hiphop and R& B genres. Additional performances that had been sometimes featured upon the show incorporated jazz, gospel songs, rock, and funk. Soul Train acquired instant success owing to its recognition in Chicago town and neighboring locations. The show’ ersus success attracted an enormous sponsorship deal through Johnson Products Company. which agreed in order to co-sponsor the show’ s growth straight into national syndication. The particular program was bought by television channels in Houston, Mis Angeles, Detroit, Gwinnett, Philadelphia, Cleveland plus San Francisco. The particular show expanded straight into a number of other territories plus was aired upon a weekly time frame. Due to the particular exponential growth associated with the show, Spirit Train moved the base from Chicago, il to La. Nevertheless, Soul Train continuing airing in Chicago, il as a regional program. Don Cornelius still acted because the host for each the La plus Chicago shows however later relinquished their job because the web host to focus upon the national model from the show. Wear Cornelius acted since a producer to get the Chicago present until 1977when it had been taken up simply by WGN-TV (McKinley, 2012).
Don Cornelius was acclaimed since the host associated with Soul Train along with his charisma, phase presence and feeling of style endearing him to a lot of fans. His sharpened suits, deep baritone voice and aviator glasses were their most recognizable qualities (McKinley, 2012). He or she hosted many known performers throughout the whole run from the present. Some of the particular famous artistes that will were featured upon the show consist of Aretha Franklin, Michael jordan Jackson, James Dark brown, Duran, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle, and Smokey Robinson. The present also regularly highlighted rising African Us artistes who was standing to gain significantly from the direct exposure to a substantial tv audience over the Usa States (McKinley, 2012). The show had been furthermore iconic as the monolith for city fashion and dark culture. Soul Teach was also a location for while music artists from various creative genres to achieve the Black viewers. The show furthermore frequently hosted dances that were extremely popular at the period. The popularity from the dance showcases televised on the series led to the particular emergence of dancing competitions in additional television stations (Deusner, 2014).
Within 1987, Don Cornelius launched the Spirit Train Music Honours. The awards had been meant to respect top performers within soul, R& M, jazz, hip jump and gospel songs. The primary competitor associated with the show, United states Bandstand, was place off air within 1989 but Spirit Train was nevertheless popular and heading strong (Bio, 2015). Don Cornelius frequently invented ways in order to maintain the show refreshing and exciting. Put on Cornelius gave upward his duties because the show’ t host in 1993. However, he continued to be on the group being a creative movie director for that show. The particular show began making use of the services associated with various guest offers to run the particular show. In 1995, Don Cornelius inaugurated the girl of Spirits award to respect top achieving ladies within the music market. In the future, getting performer’ s for the particular show became the difficult task because of the anti-competitive practices associated with rival stations. Simply by 2005, the display was being viewed in over the hundred cities plus reaching a most of African-american American households. The particular show’ s manufacturing of episodes has been canceled at the particular end of the particular 2005-2006 seasons. For that following two months the show shown archived symptoms of the plan. Keep away from 2007 the particular show’ s principal distributor, Tribune Enjoyment, closed the Spirit Tsrain division associated with the company (McKinley, 2012).
Within 2008, Don Cornelius sold the privileges to the Spirit Train show collection to MadVision Enjoyment. Following the acquire of Soul Teach footage was produced available to brand-new kinds of distribution. Simply by the end associated with 2008, several channels that had syndicated the program stopped airing further symptoms as well as the show lastly discontinued distribution within 2008 (Bio, 2015). MadVision Entertainment opened up a YouTube Approach for your Soul Teach show in year. The channel grew to become a popular strike on the video-sharing site, an signal the fact that show nevertheless held some reputation despite its cancelation per year earlier. MadVision created a license handle Time-Life Corporation to distribute the particular show’ s symptoms on DVD. The particular company reached a good agreement with Dark Entertainment Television (BET) to relaunch the particular then defunct Spirit Train awards. Centric, a spin-off approach of BET, started airing archived photos of the Spirit Train show. Centric together with Bounce TELEVISION continue to be airing symptoms from the show. The particular program is reconized as one associated with the longest-running exhibits in American TELEVISION history (McKinley, 2012).

Later Years

Don Cornelius’ lifetime took a lower turn in 08 when he had been apprehended and billed with spousal battery power. Other charges integrated trying to deter a witness through creating a report along with and assaulting somebody using a deadly tool. He pleaded no-contest towards the assault cost and was sentenced to some three years’ probation plus a restraining order. The particular spousal violence event led to the divorce fight with their wife, Viktoria Chapman. In 2010, Viktoria was granted the divorce from Don Cornelius. During that time period, his health has been on the gradual decrease plus it was diagnosed which he was in the earlier phases of dementia. On February first 2012 he has been found dead within his home. Hiss death was triggered by a self-inflicted wound to the particular head. The autopsy revealed that Put on Cornelius had experienced from seizures within the last 15 years associated with his life (Bio, 2015).

Impact of Soul Train

Don Cornelius plus Soul Train got an enormous effect on the advancement of advertising within the United Areas. The show’ s i9000 growth from the local television program in order to a nationally syndicated show manifested the particular impact that Put on Cornelius had for the media. The display was a walking stone for introducing the careers associated with budding artistes plus exposing them in order to the world. Throughout the 70s and 1980s, musicians did not really get access to the several media distribution stations like can be found nowadays (Deggans, 2012). Throughout this period, the particular show’ s recognition was instrumental within developing artistes plus displaying their skill towards the country plus worldwide. The display introduced the planet to the Black culture, fashion, plus music (McCombs, 38). Don Cornelius was your most important non-political figure to come up within the post-civil privileges era. Soul Teach influenced the development of such songs genres as cool hop, jazz, plus funk. Soul Teach is heralded because a great example of niche marketing. The show’ s ability to target an audience and cater to its needs for such a long time is a model for the mass media. The popularity of the show and its flexibility attracted many sponsors over its run thereby displaying the attributes of a successful broadcast outlet. The growth of the show led to the growth of the media as a powerful force to promote culture, fashion and art (Deusner, 2014).
The media is an essential tool in the achievement of success of various individuals and groups. The media is the primary source of information for the public. The media is an excellent tool for advertising and marketing. Every single day all over the world, billions of people access on or more forms of mass communication (Biagi, 42). A media avenue that has an extensive reaching coverage can help to expose individuals to a large audience. On receiving the widespread coverage, an individual can thereby display their opinion and talent to the world. The media is an effective public relations tool. Using the media, people are able to show the kind of image that they want the public to view (McCombs, 39). The media is crucial in gathering information about changing trends and preferences. Using the data collected, organizations are able to effectively target a market niche. The media is also an avenue for political and social campaigns. Through the media, people can know and understand what other people think and, therefore tailor their success accordingly (Biagi, 41).


Don Cornelius was given birth to and raised in Chicago, Illinois. After brief military support after high school, he did a number of jobs before becoming a member of a media school. He worked with regard to WVON as an announcer, substitute disk jockey, and news media reporter. Don Cornelius began the Soul Train show on WCIU-TV. Soul Train presented performances by numerous acclaimed singers and dancers during its run. The display grew in recognition and was nationally syndicated. Soul Train had an impact on the way African American culture, music and fashion has been portrayed in the press. The show also developed and advertised the talent of upcoming artistes. The media is an important advertising and advertising tool for individuals and businesses.

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