Example Of Daily Ration Course Work

Example Of Daily Ration Course Work

1-wszą. Reduction in quantity of processed sugar, saturated fat and trans- fat consumed.
2 Increased consumption of vegetables.
3 I will have to increase the number of times I eat at home and reduce my visits to the restaurants.
The acceptable macronutrient distribution range for carbohydrates in adults is 45-65%, while for proteins it is 10-35% of the calories taken daily by the person. The acceptable macronutrient distribution range for fats is between 25-30%. It
also includes that for saturated fats which will not be more than 10% caloric intake for the day.

Carbohydrate intake is low, the fat intake is low while protein intake is in excess. Therefore he is malnourished.

A. They are the preferred source of energy for the human body because they are ready made for the body, they do not require complex transformations before being utilized by the body.

The cells that exclusively rely on carbohydrates are; brain cells and red blood cells. Fats and proteins can also supply energy if the preferred choice is unavailable.

C. The current daily fibre intake is 3 grammes per day per day based on a 2, 500 calorie diet.

Fibres prevent constipation, diverticulitis, haemorrhoids and colon cancer. Sources of dietary fibre include whole grains, vegetables, beans, vegetables, oats, beans and fruits.

D. Protein digestion starts in the stomach.

The pancreas is responsible for the majority of the digestion. They are received by the liver after leaving the intestine.

E. Proteins are required for overall growth and good health, Proteins are hormones, Proteins are enzymes, Proteins are involved in fighting infections as immunoglobulin, Proteins are required for muscle contraction in the body, Proteins are essential for nutrient transport and water balancing in the body

F. Quality of dietary proteins are influenced by whether the protein is complete or incomplete.

Essential amino acids are amino acids that cannot be synthesised in the body and must therefore be supplied in the diet. Examples of complete proteins include chicken, beef, lamb, fish, cheese and milk.

G. Excess protein consumption can result in weight gain, dehydration, intestinal irritation, seizures, increase in liver enzymes, high risk of heart diseases, nutritional deficiencies and kidney problems.

H. Characteristics of kwashiorkor include oedema, anorexia, irritability, ulcerating dermatoses, protuberant abdomen because of an enlarging liver with fatty infiltrates. A marasmic child is chronically ill looking, is emaciated, has dry scaly skin, irritable, very hungry looking, have loose skin folds hanging over their buttocks, armpit and thighs as a result of depreciated fat deposits.

2. A. Lactose intolerance arises when the lactase levels in the intestine are so low and the lactose ingested in milk is not digested.

Type 1 Diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism where there is low insulin levels in the body as a result of immune mediated attacks on the pancreas. It is commoner in childhood.

Type 2 Diabetis is a state of relative or absolute insulin deficiency which results because of a defective production of insulin by the pancreas.

Hypoglycaemia is a state of reduced blood sugar level in the body.

B. She can consume Yoghurts instead. Yoghurts contain their own lactose which will digest the lactose present in it.

C. Plant fibres are fibrous and are parts of plants which make them highly resistant to digestive enzymes in the intestines.

D. They get converted to the storage form which is glycogen.

E. It happens in muscle cells

F. LDL cholesterol means low density lipoprotein.

It is a bad form of lipoprotein and could be injurious to the body in increased amounts. In increased amounts it causes deposition of atheromatous plaques in the blood vessels which can predispose to a heart attack and a stroke. HDL means high density lipoprotein. It is the good form of lipoprotein and is protective for the heart.

G. It is a source of energy, protects some organs, it is required for insulation from excessive cold.

H. she can increase her vegetable intake, she can take monounsaturated fatty foods instead, she can reduce intake of red meat, she can increase intake of fish and foods containing omega oils and also take carbohydrates and proteins in the right amounts.


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