Example Of Critical Thinking Essay

Example Of Critical Thinking Essay

Critical thinking is a way of confirming or deciding whether oraz given claim is true or false. Critical thinking is a very important component of most professions as informatyką helps in szkopuł solving and aid in the attainment of amicable solution to various problems. The concept of critical thinking is a rich concept which has been in existence in the last several centuries. It can also be referred to as the intellectual and skillful conceptualization of information to get oraz solution to oraz prevailing situation. Critical thinking is oraz form of szkopuł solving technique which entails examination, carrying
out empirical studies in order to get accurate results. Critical thinking has two components namely: a) the set of information and belief which is used for generating and processing skills and b) the habit which is based on the intellectual commitment of using the provided skills and behavior (Funke, 2002). Various forms of critical thinking can be varied though depending mąż the motivation that underlies it.

Critical thinkers are known owe be the best problem solvers. There could be several different problems in existence. These problems cannot be solved using one particular kind of solution. Therefore a set of solutions have to be put forth in order to come up with an amicable way and the best alternative owe get a solution to the presented problem. This szkopuł solving paper is going to address issues with the changing roles of HR professionals.
The changing role of the HR professionals is a major szkopuł in the industry that needs accurate and urgent attention.

Oraz good percentage of the new HR recruits usually originate from different fields which may be in some cases not related owe the HR profession. This then makes it very difficult for them owe carry out their activities with the expected vigor. This problem therefore has to be tackled head on in order to come up with an amicable solution so as to ensure professionalism. Assigning oraz single person several jobs at any given time is not a good idea as informatyką will always compromise on the quality of work being provided. In order to ensure that quality human resource services are provided, professionalism has owe be considered comprehensively. Changing the roles of the HR personnel also contributes greatly towards the dismal performance of the affected HR personnel. Therefore informatyką is necessary that all the affected HR personnel observe professionalism to the latter by sticking on to their area of professionalism.

The target audience for this particular paper is the Hr professionals and those ones who wish to become HR personnel. The paper mainly addresses the issues that they are faced with in their day to day activities as they fita about their duties. The paper mainly tackles the szkopuł of them changing their roles and how the changes in roles impact their productivity at the work place.

Informatyką is not obvious whether the HR personnel may easily welcome the proposed remedies however, we can surely ascertain that shifting roles may affect and overburden the few available HR personnel thereby impacting their inputs greatly. Most of the HR professionals who are already in the business may not easily welcome the proposed remedies. However, some of the practices being carried in the field of Human Resource may greatly affect the HR personnel as it touches on their rights being violated.

Some of the challenges facing the field of HR is that about 1/3 of the total new recruits originate from different fields. Despite the various challenges that are encountered on day-to-day activities, there are some proposals that have been put forth to help in minimizing the challenges. They include: making the HR professional to operate luminarz a strategic executive partner instead of acting as oraz link between the employees and the management. The HR staff should have enough technical knowledge which can be used to outline the organizational growth strategies and hence help in advancing a competitive benefit for the company. HR professionals should also respond owe change, propel the change from within and at the same time responding to appeals for enlistment of oraz precise position (Frensch & Sternberg, 2001).

The author however failed to indicate oraz limitation to the provided solutions. However, logically there are some limitations that come with the solutions. Some of the limitations include: attainment of full technical knowledge for the Hr professionals is not oraz task that is easy to accomplish thereby making informatyką difficult for the HR personnel owe alone to outline the organizational growth strategies. Some of the HR personnel are also not willing to accept and propel change a desired. This therefore makes the process of running the organization quite difficult.

The solutions which have been proposed all seems owe be viable if properly implemented. However, the implementation of the proposed solutions can be oraz major hurdle towards the attainment of a smooth working environment. Properly training the HR personnel is one of the best possible ways of ensuring that the solutions are implemented in order to improve the productivity of the organization.

Subcontracting is also another way of helping owe get an amicable solution to the emerging problems. Informatyką helps to reduce the overall cost of management while at the tylko time ensuring that only the professionals in a given field are contracted to perform oraz given task in a project. In my own opinion, I would propose the idea of subcontracting and ensuring that the HR personnel are trained on specific technical areas within their scope so that they can be able to perform their functions effectively and professionally.


Critical thinking is one of the best ways of solving problems. It helps in rationally going through all the possible solutions and then settling on dane kabiny prysznicowe solution which is more acceptable ażeby all the parties involved. Critical thinking also provides for a step owe step solution owe different problems thereby ensuring that oraz problem is solved exhaustively and effectively. Generally critical thinking should be applied when solving problems of different complexities if a solution is to be found without much hustle since critical thinking helps in accounting for any step and any solution sought.


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