example of birdman film review movie review

Example Of Birdman Film Review Movie Review

Plot Summary

In Birdman, A not successful actor, Riggan Thomson, who some many years back was an iconic super-hero, fights his egocentric existence and challenges to create amends with the family, the misplaced career and his own life just days before the opening of a fresh work; the Broadway. Riggan Thomson is a famous actor that 20 years ago had played the superhero role in a film called " Birdman". In his middle-age existence, he struggles to direct a first appearance on Broadway, inside a play titled ‘ What We Talk about When We Talk about Love’. The efforts of the assistant, the child Sam, and maker Jake bear less fruits. He encounters large amount of internal issues, the most efforts become useless. The unanticipated voices of the old character in the Birdman, pushes his saneness till the first inauguration show.

A discussion of the Film’ s Mise en SceneThe Story

The film, Birman is based on a story or concept of duality. No matter what the actor does, this individual is embodied with the Birdman personality that appears behind him and speaks into his hearing. All the figures are afflicted by a mental split disorder, particularly Riggan and Norton. Riggan Thomson will be on a drive to determine who this individual actually is, as he is not actually capable of providing a self-assured answer to this query firstly. He seeks to find out whether this individual is what the press talk about him, or a bad father, a celebrity or an regular actor.


Acting Performances

Birdman is a masterpiece with distinctive acting performances. Keaton, Riggan, and Galifianakis standout as accomplished cast. Their working performances are predestined to be eye-catching and showy. When the actor get to act, like Norton' s read through, and the monolog by Keaton, the audience gets mesmerized using the magic of performance that makes the film techniques.


The Mise-En-Scene is methodically applied through different cinematographic features. The use of imageries and metaphors appearing imperceptibly through the work are confirming this. These features of mise-en-scene easily work well because allegory (one-shot because guess of Riggin' s ubiquitous doubt) and also a cinematography spectacle. The film efficiently outlines the best use of a camera to accomplish some unbelievable cinematic features that help in building both the theme and plot of the film.
The use of suspended camera as nicely as the trick photography intermingled using the unique digital elements generate very claustrophobic tensions as the audiences are limited in the continuously domineering existence of an actor in the public' s eye. The use of desire in the third Take action, as Riggin hovers above the city, eludes the director’ s creative stress. The Director’ t Style
The director employed superhero style as a style in the film. Based on this style, Birdman is introduced as flashier elements of some unnatural power. This is accomplished through the contemporary aspect of the art. In the style, the superhero genre can be referenced overtly through Riggin' s previous part as the popular near immortal Birdman. The genre is also evident through the references of superhero characters like The Avengers and Iron Man.

A personal Reaction to the Film

As a personal reaction, the film seeks to show how self-image, pride, pride and one’ h ignorance can make him make a trick of himself. The film scrutinizes midlife predicaments through the uncertainties related to the dual persona of a top performer or a public figure Riggan, having accomplished the intended fame and new status as a Birdman, happily left his screen role. However , he is continually combating the innermost voices that make him believe he experienced seized the whole world, becoming the most powerful individual.
Nonetheless, at the end, the fame counted for nothing. He felt empty. Like a personal reaction, I believe that if inner peace and contentment lack in existence, people reach repent. In the film, Riggen struggles to shake off the old association with the famous Birdman character.

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