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Employees Training: In-Depth Explanation of the Procurement Plan

  • Introduction

    The ability to reduce the time required to explain a task to an employee and track its completion can significantly affect the efficiency of the company and improve the bottom line. This project aims to improve the current practices used in the company and implement a new approach to setting tasks and communicating with colleagues. This procurement plan outlines the required resources and cost estimates that allow understanding of the financial spending necessary to complete the project.


    The goal of the outlined project is to choose and install an appropriate application for managing tasks and train the employees to use it efficiently in their daily work. The objectives include improving the daily workflow, examining the information technology skills of team members, and implementing a cost-effective management system. This will be achieved by identifying the knowledge gaps of the current personnel and providing training that will help address them.

    Cost Estimations

    The most important part of this plan is task management software since the implementation of the system is the primary objective. The total payment for one year of using Wrike software is estimated at $2970 for ten users (“Plans available for every team, ” n. d. ). Google docs for business is another essential element of this procurement plan. The cost of the G Suite application that allows advanced access to Google Docs is $5/month, meaning that the company will have to spend $600 to pay for a year of using it (Allen, 2017). Miscellaneous costs included in the estimation are $2000 and can be used to change a vendor in case these applications are certainly not suitable for the specifics of the team’s work.

    Communication software program will be utilized, apart from email messages and in-person conferences. Based on study, Slack, which will be a software permitting managers and workers to chat in various threads dedicated in order to a particular task. The particular functionality and straightforward in order to use interface would be the two main elements since there will be no need in order to install this software on each of your individual’s pc as well as the messaging procedure is comparable to that utilized in popular interpersonal media, which ought to impact the adoption procedure positively. The cost for this software is $12. fifty for one 30 days per user in case billed annually (“Slack for teams, ” n. d. ). It really is anticipated that will a minimum of ten group members uses this particular software, such as the supervisor, which results within a purpose to set aside $1500 per 12 months for the job tracking software.

    Education lessons is going to be provided for free of charge from the vendors associated with the software; therefore, the company won’t have to dedicate particular funds to this particular element. However, this is assumed that will at least 2 associates will possess difficulty implementing the new computer-based system due in order to a lack associated with necessary skills. Therefore, it really is advised that will an additional spending budget of $79 will be included in the particular procurement plan. This particular price corresponds along with the associated with 1 month use associated with the online-based academic course from Coursera that will assist explain the fundamental concepts info technologies necessary to make use of the software.

    Information technology professional income is the almost all expensive component of the particular project’s budget. Centered on the quotations from the averaged income with this position, the particular project’s budget includes $50, 000, which usually is in line with the salary paid with regard to annually of function (“Information technology expert salary, ” and. d. ). This can be described that this budgetary needs for that proposed job management implementation complete at $59, 244. The price estimate will be provided in the particular Appendix, which provides all the information coupled to the price associated with each item.

    Assumptions and Timeframe

    Based around the offered information, a demand for action would be to allocate the money before the Aug 21st – which usually is the date assigned for software implementation. In order to facilitate the process of procurement, it is necessary to ensure that a timeline for each task is clearly defined and completed. For instance, for this project, it is vital to assess the information technology knowledge and skills that the staff possesses to develop a learning program. Some individuals may require additional training, apart from the one offered by the vendor.

    Next, having a business version of Google Docs is vital since this software program will be utilized to track modifications and requires. Furthermore, upon completion associated with this project, this is assumed that will the team will certainly use Docs to talk about files for their own daily tasks.

    Next, it will be assumed that the particular office will become rearranged to support the particular new set upward because the employees will certainly have fewer conferences and more period dedicated to personal work. Thus, fresh chairs and furniture will be purchased in order to organize the area based to the fresh requirements. Finally, this is vital to have information technology expert to make sure that employees may consult him or even her when required. The assumption is that the particular company does not currently employ an information technology professional, and thus, he or she should be hired.

    Forecasted project time is one month, beginning from August 7th and ending on September 10th. The procurement plan outlines the necessary forecasted resources that will be used to execute the project. The main dependencies are the ability to adequately examine the information technology knowledge of the current personnel and choose an appropriate course that will not be time-consuming since this project should be completed in a month. The primary constraints include the availability of financial resources required to hire a new employee responsible for information technology. Overall, this paper provides an in-depth explanation of the procurement plan that will be used to implement task management software for the team.


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    Appendix A

    Table 1. Price estimate (created simply by the author).

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