Emile Durkheim Sociology And Social Facts

Emile Durkheim: Sociology and Social Information Essay

The term “sociology” offers existed for an unusually very long time without having to be given much attention. It all is becoming popular among lots of people experiencing inclined to it lately. A expressed word benefits popularity when discoveries are created about it. This is what is going on to sociology exactly. As a science, sociology will not specify anything but will generalize issues. This means that it generally does not state what sort of person ought to be treated specifically. Something that isn’t definite cannot be used as proof, but favourable things can be cited from it.

Those who strongly believe in the future of science should put an end to this trend of sociology. This is to prevent it from becoming unpopular, as it was before. For a sociologist to prevent sociology from becoming extinct, he should carry out research. The research should provide facts that can be clearly defined and have definite limits.

Sociological methods should be treated as social facts. It means that they should be studied as individual realities. These facts should be well stated and explained to avoid any misunderstandings while studying sociology. For it to attain the recognition from other sciences, it must not be generalized at all. This way, it will be seen as more defined and will be taken seriously. It will also gain more popularity and become counted among other established sciences. Since it deals with realities just like biology and psychology, sociology has to be more objective. This will certainly boost its recognition all over the world.

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