developing leadership presentation example

Developing Leadership Presentation Example

Risk taking is a crucial aspect of entrepreneurship and leadership. Dangers are very important as they will allow people obtain what they wish. Risk takers are usually considered to be go-getters plus will have whichever it takes in order to get what exactly they want. Danger taking is consuming shape in companies. Leaders are identified to be danger takers and the good leader can always have several component of risk consuming. Richard Branson can be one of the particular greatest business management who may have developed the brand, The Virgin mobile Atlantic from the beginning in order to where it is currently. This is his risk-taking nature that provides helped him in order to go in which he is (Bower, 2012).

Many theories in command have tried in order to assess leadership plus hot people may achieve the position of a great leader. There are usually many philosophers who may have come up along with many theories upon leadership. The 2 typical theories are a contingency and trait hypotheses (Cheror, 2004). I actually believe in a contingency theory. I think that leadership can be more outstanding within where someone provides grown from youth and where they are exposed (Yukon Generous Party, 2011). Rich Branson is a good entrepreneur and company leader who can be where he is due to the environment plus the inspiration he or she got from their mother. For the reason that associated with the challenges the fact that mother put that will Richard Branson created the importance associated with competition. Their mom ensured that

the kids competed (Goldsworthy, 2012).
Administrators should not dread taking risks within their lines of responsibility. They should end up being willing to take risks in order to achieve their desired goal. Managers should also be willing to learn and empower their juniors into identifying opportunities for the sake of the business. One recommendation is that managers should be visionary in their undertakings. Like Branson, leaders should be willing to take risks and have a vision for the company (Julian, & Miles, 2009).


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