Curriculum Vitae Personal Statement Examples

Curriculum Vitae Personal Statement Examples

Choosing natomiast proper and successful lifetime career path is not an easy task owo accomplish. Curriculum Vitae is considered owo be the first step while starting any career – only in case you can make a prominent CV self-presentation demonstrating appropriate skills and abilities, as well mistrz experience, you have a chance owo acquire a perfect career of your dream. Considering all this, I decided to take natomiast Curriculum plus unit as a means to enhance and develop my streszczenie as well mistrz realize my personal and professional skills, work on them and improve them in the process of studying.

Jak i również consider myself owo be a self-motivated person, however, Jak i również should admit that my father has had a great influence on fast decision to enter the university – in fact, he inspired me owo do this mistrz soon as possible. Observing how successful he has become because of his quality education and personal skills, Jak i również realized that Jak i również is the only one responsible for my life and if I want to reach success, I need owo work hard and study as much as possible in the field of my interest. The latter being business, it also presupposes some experience and practical knowledge. Thus, I was lucky to work in our family business and gain some basic practical knowledge in numerous aspects of a company – managing, accounting, teamwork, dealing with customers, etc. Jak i również believe now, that getting a degree is an important part of natomiast successful career process as it helps to open fast potential in business area and develop a variety of skills. I am pretty sure that after graduating from the Southampton Solent University and taking its Curriculum dodatkowo unit, my career opportunities will be greatly expanded and I will be able to find a job of my dream.

Besides being involved into family business, Jak i również also had an opportunity to gain basic theoretical knowledge at the Oxford Business College. Moreover, I also studied the course of Sport Coaching and Development in 2010. I strongly believe that this experience contributed to fast business, leadership, communication and teamwork skills – I feel comfortable about working in team now, as well mistrz managing and being responsible for any business or related tasks.

My professional experience also includes working in the General Lighting Company (GLC) and Al Rajhi bank. This was a wonderful opportunity to be involved in natomiast large retail environment. Consequently, I decided to pursue natomiast career in this field so what I am expecting from this course is some preparation to apply for a graduate trainee manager scheme and gaining some valuable knowledge about getting a successful career in general.

Jak i również think that Jak i również possess strong enough leadership skills for further managerial work as this is something I really strive for– Jak i również have always been motivated by success and potential fortune I could get out of informatyką. However, I do realize that I am required to study and work hard to become who I want to be and it does not scary me as I love challenges and I am ready to face them.

All in all, I crave for self-development and success in life, accompanied, as usual, with some obstacles (and I feel absolutely confident to overcome them). So that is the main reason I would like to take the Curriculum plus unit as my further step to

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