Cultural Products in Strategic Plan Development Essay

Cultural Products in Strategic Plan Development Essay

Cultural products refer to products with cultural contents, examples of which include values, beliefs, or stories about certain cultures, which are used to affect and guide strategy adaptation, execution, and assessment activities. Organizational culture refers to a set of behavior developed by people within the organization as it adapts to the various internal and external forces, which can be passed on to new members as a way to act and conduct business within the organization (David, 2011).

Organizational culture is a metaphor for a person’s personality because no two organizations have exactly the same culture, just as no two individuals are the same (David, 2011). According to Liyu (2009), there is no particular definition for cultural products as the industry that produces cultural products can only be recognized with the presence of another industry, and the classification of this industry is different in many countries. Examples of cultural products vary according to cultural orientation. In China, for instance, cultural products refer to articles and products for movie and television, games, fine art works, and those about music (Han, 2009).

David (2011) classified cultural products according to the identified cultural practices. There are products about ceremonies that combine several forms of cultural manifestations on one occasion.


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