Course Work On Success Strategies

Course Work On Success Strategies


This is an article which advocates for anti-bullying. The author of this article argues that there is need for parents to teach their children to mind the implication of their words and actions on the lives of other people. It further explores that a leader is made and so if one wants his children to be a good leader in future he must teach them not to bully other children. This article has helped me to have a smooth learning because I learnt the need to respect other students without discriminating them.

This is academic success video that outlines a strategic learning process. Watching this video has helped to overcome academic struggles that I used to go through. I used to struggle in learning for instance, in identifying the best study method but this video taught me how to go about it.

Interactive questionnaires;
This is interactive questionnaire that helps students discover their preferred learning style. This questionnaire helped me to accurately know the best learning style for my course. I used to try different learning styles but after getting the questionnaire I was able to do it accurately.

Some objects like the article and the video were a bit easy because I just keyed in the key points in the search engines. However, finding interactive questionnaires was a big challenge because the search engine could not locate it automatically. I had to read through most questionnaires before landing on the one I was looking for.
The best method for learning for this course is virtual learning because it engages the students on the use of information technology. Students through such kind learning can be fully exposed to use of information technology.
After watching the video Malcolm Gladwell on the story of Blink and the book of Feldman I have released that one does not require so much to make decisions. Normally when people are faced with situations and they have to make a decision, they tend to have the impression that they must gather a lot of information to make a good decision.

The knowledge from the video on Blink has made me to take the same strategy that Malcolm is exploring in the video about a hospital in Chicago. When Iam faced with a problem, I just collect the necessary information that covers critical areas that I need to make a decision on. In college for example, when I realize that Iam not performing well in my course, I just identify the units that Iam performing poorly and the reasons for such performance. Another strategy concerns the speed of responding to the problem at hand. I plan to act as first as possible whenever a problem arises.

The faster one responds of the problem of concern, the better because if a problem persists for a long time there is likelihood that it might create other problems. Consulting a few people who have ever faced the same problems is also important during problem solving. The mistake that most people sometimes commit is that of consulting too many people including even those who have not ever gone through the experience. The best approach is to identify few key people with useful information and being specific in the information that seeks. This will save time and quicken the decision making process.
It is good as an individual to understand and appreciate diversity because that is how God made human beings. Everyone is unique from the other and each person has something different from the other person. Personally through what I have learnt first, I will try and change my attitude towards diversity and appreciate regardless of their color, race, religion or social status. The whites and the blacks are the same the difference is just the skin color, the rich and the poor are the same the difference is just the amount of wealth they possess. Secondly, is to appreciate every person’s ideas, contributions and opinions regardless of their level of education.

People normally brag and sometimes despise other people’s views and contribution on the grounds that they are of lower educational level than they are. Sometimes a high school student may give have a better idea than a university professor but because of difference in educational levels the opinions of a person with low education is not regarded as important. Thirdly, is to ignore any privilege that gives me an advantage over other people of my level. As Peggy writes men”s unwillingness to grant that they are over privileged, brings a sense of equality and helps women not to feel too inferior. It is very important to be humble and wait for people to praise you instead of one praising himself.

The article talks about importance of technology in higher education. It describes how technology has enabled students to access rich and current information from all over the world and has enabled them to conduct intensive and quality research. E-learning is the educational technology that can enhance my learning because in the course that Iam taking. It makes learning easier and accessible because one can access the leaning materials anywhere. My course contains several educational technologies which facilitate learning for instance; virtual learning, teleconferencing, and Skype technology allows one to break the distance barriers that normally prevent effective learning process.


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