conscious classroom management movie review

Conscious Classroom Management Movie Review

The impact of Rick Smith’ s ideas and suggestions on classroom management are clever and efficient. By spending a little time every day teaching procedures, especially through visuals and sound signals ensure a safe and well managed classroom. Students of all ages and grade levels want to learn in an organized classroom.
Smith’ s suggestions on dealing with individual students are wise. Spending time for a minute or so each class having a conversation with a “ problem” child about something not related to class creates a relationship. This is a base for teaching conduct once a connection is established. Also, handling students that are disruptive that then want to argue with the teacher is handled in a way that can eliminate discussion. He suggests using a signal so that the matter can be discussed later. The students consent to comply with a teacher’ s direction at that moment but can invoke a signal that lets the teacher know they need to discuss it later. Also, not engaging in argument with h student, it is suggested to “ roll under the wave”. Issue the consequence but do not argue with a child. It interrupts the classroom too much.
The suggestions are mostly common sense. Simplicity and preparation up front will reduce many problems in the classroom. As Smith points out, children would like to learn in a safe and engaged environment. The suggestions for handling difficult students are also helpful. Giving students options and allowing them to make choices empowers learners and makes all of them accountable for their activities.


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