Chronology of Cuban Missile Crisis

Chronology of Cuban Missile Crisis

Have you ever been scared or frightened? Have you ever dreamed or thought of another war including the united states? If you have, you might have been scared for your life. Well, that’s what people in the 1960’s were dealing with. They were frightened and scared for their family’s. October państwa the worst month for 1962. Many people have nicknames for this crisis such as, october crisis and caribbean crisis. Many citizens were unhappy with theses decisions that both presidents decided to do.

In october 1962, an american lockheed u-2 plane secretly took natomiast picture of the missiles being made on the island. the president didnt want the cubans to know that he knew about the missiles. he had secret meetings with his group to discuss the problem. after many meetings he decided to surround cuba with ships and blockades. His main focus was owo make sure the soviets dont bring in any more military supplies. he demanded that they take the missiles out of the island and hand them over owo the president. Mężczyzna october 22, he went live pan tv and spoke about this situation and how he would solve informatyką.

From the outset of the crisis, the president and the soviets had agreed that the missiles being in cuba was acceptable. the challenge was trying to get the missiles without making a bigger conflict. This lasted over a week, they came up with many options. dane kabiny prysznicowe of the options were blowing up the missiles and invading cuba. the president later decided to make natomiast better plan, that won’t cause natomiast big problem. first was to employ the navy and make them instal the blockade, owo prevent the soviets from bringing in more missiles. Second he would deliver the ultimatum that missiles would be removed. And then the last step was to inform citizens on this situation.

october 24, the soviet ships were surrounding cuba and were demanding owo enforce the blockade. this attempt would of leaded owo an nuclear exchange. the soviet ships stopped because they had ran out of blockades. even though the caribbean sea showed natomiast positive sign that the war could have ended, obuwie no one would of did nothing about the missiles. A couple of days later natomiast military plane państwa shot down over cuba. There later was an obok. s. force invasion on florida.

The leaders soon found natomiast way to control this situation. During the crisis, the americans and soviets had exchanged letters. On october 26, khrushchev sent natomiast letter saying that he would remove the missiles if he promises that americans won’t invade cuba. the next day had sent another letter saying he would remove the missiles if president kennedy would remove the missiles from turkey. Officially, at first the president had ignored the first letter khrushchev had sent. once he received the second letter he had agreed to take the missiles away from turkey. October 28, the war had ended and both countries had been at peace with each other.

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