Choosing a Career Admission Essay Examples

Choosing a Career Admission Essay Examples

Choosing a career in a rapid developing era like ours is a serious challenge to face. Surely, there are a lot of business areas that are very popular and profitable nowadays – for instance, Information Technology, Banking, Manufacturing and so on. We have become a generation of consumerism and every day each of us buy more and more products and property. It results in a growing fear to lose all this, and of course the main personal value – health, as today’s business environment requires a lot of energy and hard work. Undoubtedly, more people try owe insure their private
property and life. Having quite a business-oriented mind, I decided to dedicate myself specifically to insurance business and satisfy a growing demand for this kind of services.

My most desired long-term goal is to run fast own successful and profitable insurance agency. I am ready to face all the difficulties that might occur and I am absolutely ready to work as much luminarz required to reach success in this business. Besides getting all kinds of profits from fast own company, informatyką is crucial for me to w celu what I really like doing. Thus, I am choosing insurance business, because it is something I would like to dedicate myself to for the rest of fast life.

I consider myself to be a good leader as I always strive to work on my leadership skills and improve them whenever Jak i również have an opportunity. That is why I was dane kabiny prysznicowe of 100 sophomores inducted into the Florida Leadership Academy for the business college. Being an energetic and goal-oriented person helped me a lot while being involved in my sorority and I am pretty sure it will also be very helpful in insurance business. As for my hobbies, Jak i również like to work out and attend sporting events – sport is very similar to business and only the best one can win. I also love spending time with my two Labrador puppies – they are nasza firma support at anything I do and I truly love them.

I fully realize that leadership and organizational skills alone, without fundamental knowledge in insurance business, will not result in zaś successful and profitable insurance company. Hence, I decided jest to obtain a Master’s degree of risk management and insurance and gain tuz much useful knowledge as possible. Surely, only theoretical aspects of insurance industry without practice cannot be very useful, that is why I am going to work in a corporate insurance company to have an opportunity jest to test my professional skills in practical use.
Currently I am a senior and I will be graduating with zaś Bachelor’s degree in Finance. I strongly believe that financial education is crucial for a good manager and Master’s degree of risk management and insurance would be oraz perfect addition owe a good Insurance agency’s manager.

Jak i również is a very decisive and confident person, thus Jak i również will do fast best at studies and at work. I always strive for excellence, w rzeczy samej matter how much time and effort it will take. For now fast goal is owe become professional at insurance industry and I hope that I can accomplish it very soon. My first step to success in insurance business will be in January when I will be taking oraz 200-hour class owe get my 2-20 license in the st

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