Character Analysis in the “Survivor” Show Essay

Character Analysis in the “Survivor” Show Essay


Survivor is a show that revolves round two groups of people competing between themselves and each other, with the last word aim of successful 1,000,000 dollars (“Survivor,” 2017). Despite the fact that the premise of the competition introduces a disruptive component into the game, the group facet of the game is evident in both the survival and the contest parts of the episode. The objective of this paper is to research the first episode of the twenty third Season of Survivor and apply Belbin’s Team Roles model to 3 characters taking part, specifically Ozzy Lusth, Benjamin “Coach” Wade, and John Cochran.

Belbin’s Team Roles

Belbin’s mannequin identifies 8 archetypes which are unlikely to be present in pure form in actual apply. These types include 4 extravert and 4 introvert roles, namely the following (Driskell, Driskell, Burke, & Salas, 2017):

  • Extravert roles: The Plant (PL), the Resource Investigator (RI), the Chairman (CH), and the Shaper (SH).
  • Introvert roles: Monitor Evaluator (ME), Team Worker (TW), Company Worker (CW), and Completer Finisher (CF).

Belbin notes that it’s almost impossible to search out individuals that purely reflect both of the subtypes, because of the reality that people show blended patterns of habits relying on the scenario.

Character Analysis

Ozzy Lusth

From the first few moments with his staff, Ozzy Lusth has demonstrated him to be a Resource Investigator (RI). That sort of persona is classed as an enthusiastic communicator with a penchant for creating morale boosts for the team (Driskell et al., 2017). His first suggestion to others was to take a swim to be able to get everybody to enjoy their keep on the island, at least for slightly bit. He also reveals indicators of being a Plant (PL), as the very idea of getting to know one another that way was considerably unorthodox in comparability with the average meet-and-greet procedures beforehand seen on the Survivor present (“Survivor,” 2017). Nevertheless, he doesn’t appear to be significantly systematic in his method, which may turn into unpredictability, because the group is wanting as much as him for management.

Benjamin “Coach” Wade

Benjamin Wade is an fascinating mixture of introverted and extraverted qualities. Being a three-time veteran of the present, he is conscious of the means to lead a staff, and expresses a Chairman (CH) type of group persona. He is calm, confident, and decisive, as demonstrated during the first team assembly (Driskell et al., 2017). At the same time, he isn’t an distinctive performer when it comes to mind or idea generator, which was the rationale why he lost the primary problem to Ozzy (“Survivor,” 2017). His secondary personality type is that of a Team Worker (TW), which was demonstrated by his concern towards other members of the team and his excessive working ethic.

John Cochran

John Cochran is the first-time participant on Survivor, but is a really big fan of the present, having watched all seasons and even written an award-winning essay on the subject (“Survivor,” 2017). He did not demonstrate any major qualities in leadership all through the first episode but illustrated his awkwardness and a number of other introverted qualities, corresponding to consideration to detail, affluence for gathering data, and a structured pattern of pondering. As it stands, there’s not sufficient data to make a extra precise assumption, but he could possibly be a mix of Monitor Evaluator (ME) or Company Worker (CW), based on how task-focused and educated he’s (Driskell et al., 2017). These assumptions could also be disproven because the show goes on.


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