Chapter 8 of “Philosophy of Religion” by Rowe Essay (Critical Writing)

Chapter 8 of “Philosophy of Religion” by Rowe Essay (Critical Writing)

Many people imagine that miracles make this life thrilling and value residing. Some individuals remain skeptical and think about miracles as one thing unscientific and onerous to merely accept. Despite personal attitudes and information, one ought to admit that religions underline the presence of miracles in several types. After reading Chapter 8 in Rowe’s Philosophy of Religion, I received a great chance to enhance my understanding of miracles by way of the prism of faith in the modern world.

One of the most common opinions about miracles is their incompatibility with science. Rowe (2007) used the opinions of a number of theologians, Bultmann and Hume, to clarify the essence of a miracle and its relation to religion. For example, Bultmann (as cited in Rowe, 2007) believed that a miracle is a prescientific image of the world the place supernatural issues play an important position. However, with time, when science gains better recognition, it turns into hard to accept this position. Therefore, the method supplied by Hume seems to be rational and applicable in regard to the scientific thoughts of contemporary people. The writer advised four major parts that must be inherent to a miracle. First, it must be an even that might not occur apart from a pure purpose (Rowe, 2007). Second, a miracle is something controlled by God or other supernatural beings. Third, it have to be an astonishing and surprising occasion for an individual (Rowe, 2007). Finally, any miraculous event serves for some useful purposes only.

I find the discussion supplied by Rowe a wonderful opportunity to make clear what occasion is interpreted as a miracle. However, even such an strategy seems to be a prejudiced and subjective point of view as a end result of no scientific or different credible evidence was provided. I want to believe in miracles not as a violation of natural laws, but as a source of inspiration and emotional support, similar to non secular beliefs.


Rowe, W. L. (2007). Philosophy of religion: An introduction (4th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth.

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