Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework 2015-16 Essay

Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework 2015-16 Essay

Baldrige Award Importance: Video Review

It is worth noting that participation in the Baldrige award is an asset gained by both the winner company and the participants because taking part in it motivates companies to improve the quality of their services. As a result, many of the enterprises can make a breakthrough in quality changes and become highly competitive. Moreover, the feedback received from the competent auditors helps to improve the service provision continuously.


It should be stated that CEO’s statement can be considered credible enough for several reasons. According to the videos, the Baldrige criteria were initially adopted by the company to outline the strategy for quality improvements within the healthcare facilities. Besides, they were used as a starting point to promote performance excellence at both levels simultaneously – the leadership and the staff. Further on, the strategic plan was used as a framework to improve the key performance indicators and to determine the future direction for improvement. It was stated that the emergency department employed the principles the very first because there was a need to reduce the wait times to become competitive. After significant changes evidenced in the unit, it became clear that the application of the Baldrige criteria would enable the healthcare institution to improve the provision of care drastically. Therefore, it can be assumed that receiving the award was not the initial intention for the implementation of the Baldrige framework. However, it is reasonable to presume that an award of such significance is a certain competitive advantage. Only one company could receive it; thus, it would serve as evidence of the exceptional quality of service provision and care. Having such certification might be a decisive factor for patients choosing among several different institutions.

St. David’s Healthcare Plan

St. David’s Healthcare plan has consistently covered the measures of excellent performance. In particular, when planning the execution of this approach, many factors have been elaborated. For example, the institution has considered ways to utilize the information obtained from patients to improve strategic planning. Apart from that, it was analyzed whether the chosen strategy would address the existing barriers effectively on both levels the internal and external ones. The leadership considered how to employ the action plan to engage all the key stakeholders in the process. Importantly, one of the major parts of the implementation process was measuring the effectiveness of the proposed course of action.

Also, the strategic plan dwelled upon the essential categories, which had to be enhanced equally effectively. To be more precise, such domains as leadership, strategy, customers, measurement and knowledge management, workforce, operations, and results were reviewed comprehensively and in detail. The videos reflected vividly the way these seven criteria were met by the healthcare institution.

UAE Hospitals and Main Conclusions

After watching the videos, it became clear that several aspects should be reconsidered by the majority of healthcare facilities in the UAE. For instance, it is essential to reinforce cooperation among different units and managerial levels. This way, the care would be more holistic. Besides, the leadership should rethink their approaches. Following the example of St. David’s Healthcare, all the employees at all care levels should be empowered and given the autonomy to contribute to their work to a greater extent including the auxiliary staff. In the case of the award-winner, all the employees were dedicated to performing their duties and enhancing the quality of service. Thus, to be able to achieve corporate goals, the leadership should engage all key stakeholder groups.

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