Aldi Supermarket’s Marketing As Business Process

Aldi Supermarket’s Marketing as Company Process Report (Evaluation)

Group Corporation: Aldi Supermarket Individual Section: Marketing

The continuing business Process may be the marketing and advertising of Aldi Supermarket Items. This involves a number of business activities that must definitely be completed as identified below.


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The marketing and advertising department has various systems that it must coordinate with to understand that Aldi markets its products successfully in the market. It is generally assumed that advertising and sales are one and it (Hakim 2000, p. 67). This is very far from the truth. Marketing is a broad activity that involves bringing together various units and departments to ensure that the firm comes up with a clear program that may attract and retain customers to the business.

It involves creating a long and beneficial partnership between customers and the firm (Kline 2010, p. 124). Aldi sells numerous farm products, besides other conventional goods. The main aim of the marketing unit is to develop a good relationship in the market that would help it be sustainable in both the short and long run. The below-identified units are intertwined in this quest. Bird (1977, p. 97) notes that they all have to work as a unit, each having its special exercise with the marketing division as the focal point. This way, Aldi Supermarket would be in a position to gain and retain a huge market share in this region and even beyond.

Business exercise model

The Business Activity Model below gives a clear guideline of the activities that are to be carried out by various devices of the Marketing Department. Weiss (2011, p. 78) states that the marketing unit has the main role in ensuring that the firm is sustainable in the market. The marketing department has various units as shown in the diagram below. It is the responsibility of the marketing manager to ensure that all these units are well coordinated and that none of the units overlaps with the activities of the other firm, and that all the units perform the assigned duties as expected of them (Majer 2011, p. 45).

As shown in the model below, all the unit heads would report to the marketing manager. This must be done at a regular interval so that the manager can brief additional departments of what’s expected of them. The actions should be well coordinated because of this department to create conscious decisions on how best to increase the knowing of the brand name, and subsequently, increase product sales of the ongoing business.

Technology option

Technologies have grown to be essential in marketing. Emerging systems have totally redefined the marketing procedure (Panagariya 2008, p. 23). Because of this firm, such areas of technology as the usage of sites would help the advertising department. Social media have become vital that you this department also. Considering that online markets are gathering popularity, these technologies stand to be of great benefit to the firm.

Innovation is essential to the firm. This company needs innovative ideas that could enable it to attain its marketplace most appropriately.

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